"OH! You have a pet bunny!… "


I missed weekends like these SO much. I had such an amazing 3 days, I don’t even know if I could physically write about all of it. I just know that I’m very upset it’s all over & that I have no more concerts planned.

The New Cities show on Friday night was really amazing. The guys put on a fantastic set, as usual. The first band that played, Call Me Doctor, was also really good- but the second band (Believe Berlin) was horrible. The lead singer went on stage completely hammered and at one point he tripped on his mic stand and face planted 2 feet away from Jenn, Jenia and I. We were all really scared that he was going to be sick on stage, but he somehow made it through his set alright after that incident.
Although we got to say hey to all of the guys before their set, we went to their merch table afterwards to tell them what a good show it was & we ended up getting into some good conversations with Nick & Dave. They both told us that they were going to be opening for Simple Plan on March 14th, which completely broke our hearts because we wouldn’t be able to go. Since that’s the day we’re coming home from Cuba we figured we’d be too tired to make it out for such a huge event (in Bromont!) We told the guys we wouldn’t be able to go and David said Cuba was better anyway haha.
We headed out around 11pm and were SUPPOSED to go to fouf’s afterwards, but after our traditional pizza at the amazing pizzeria across from fouf’s, we just headed back to Jenn’s for a much needed indoor girls’ night. It was fun as always, laughing about god knows what very late at night, and waking up way too early the next day. I can’t wait for the next show that we can actually go to, I always have SO much fun ❤

On Sunday Jenia and I headed downtown in a record 40 minutes to see The Hot Streak finally play a show at Club Soda. We got there just before the band set up and easily made our way front row to see the guys play. As always, Jenia and I laughed hysterically about everything and even saw some of our old friends (apparently just mine) Arthur Kall. The guys put on an amazing show (and ended up coming in 2nd place at the Battle of the Bands). After the show Jenia and I went to see the bassist and asked him if we could buy his album. We met him a bit later to buy it but he practically refused any money we had for him. When he noticed Jenn wasn’t there he told us that the next show we were officially on Guest List to make up for the money she had lost. Jenia and I ended up spending 5 hours sitting right inside the venue, half the time hanging out with the guys and the other half laughing with the security guard. We also got the job of street team for The Hot Streak and they left us with a handful of CDs to sell & get them some new fans. They were also very happy to find out that we loved their set, their choreographed little dances & their style coordination. We finally managed to leave around 11:15 after learning a lot of new stuff about the color green and telling them we’d see them at their Clyde’s show, whenever that will be!

We were also sitting in the same place for so long that the security guard at club soda became our best friend. he stopped us on our way out for a goodbye kiss on each cheek and a promise that we’d see him very soon at the next show.

A few quotes that I have to mention from the weekend:

“Where have I seen him before?”

“It’s like I have 8.5 boyfriends, they just don’t know about it yet”

“Just listen. First, we should get a donkey… Then four watermelons…”

“OH! You have a pet bunny!…”




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  1. LMAO. What a good weekend wow. The best was still Gils “You should do a documentary on getting them back into shape.” Why didn’t we go to their shows sooner?

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