days to look forward to <3

Dates to Remember
March 6th-March 13th: Cayo Coco, Cuba with the gang ❤

April 13th: The Fray at Metropolis
April 22nd: The All American Rejects at Club Soda
May 6th: Fall Out Boy at the CEPSUM (maybe?)
June 17th: Paramore and No Doubt at the Bell Center
July 11th: Vans Warped Tour 2009
July 23rd: Comedian Russell Peters at Bell Center (would anyone like to go?!)


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  1. I'LL BE THERE FOR ALL OF THEM IF YOU'LL BE THERE! Just let me know which one you & jenia feel like going to, and we'll make a night of it!

  2. well I'M going to all of them if someone will go with me! Jenia will come to AAR & The Fray (she was planning to go to the Fray a while ago anyway so we'll be joining her and Laura I think!)I messaged Kate & Selina about the paramore/no doubt show though, they're both huge fans of both! GOOD PLAN?!

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