Cuba: eat, sleep, tan, drink<3


I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my trip to Cuba was. I never imagined that living with 7 other people 24/7 would be so much fun… but now that I’m back home I’m having trouble adjusting to being alone.
We spent days on end lazing in the sun either by the pool or on the beach. We took hundreds of pictures, drank dozens of drinks (some alcoholic, some not), and took amazing walks on the beach when the tide went down.

On Wednesday we took a van-taxi down to Playa Pillar: it’s considered the most beautiful beach on Cayo Coco and one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Cuba. It’s also called a Paradise beach because the water is so perfect & the sand is so white and beautiful. Jenia and I took advantage of the beautiful background to take some pictures to represent The New Cities. Besides that we all lay around enjoying the view & eachother’s company. For lunch we headed to the beach hut Pillar restaurant where I enjoyed the most amazing lobster lunch for under 20 pesos. It was to die for.
Contrary to what most people told me before I left, I ate like a Queen all week. The buffet was mostly the same each day however there was such a variety of different meals I barely got tired of what they offered. I ate more in my week in Cuba than I do any day at home. We also got two complementary a la carte restaurants: Cuban & Mexican. Although I loved the buffet more, I enjoyed dressing up for the fancier restaurants and ordering more cultured food. The Mexican restaurant was really fun because we had this really strange entertainment come in. A group of 5 people painted head to toe in orange came in, took a position somewhere in the resturant and stood completely still. It was creepy but in a cool way. I ran around taking pictures with some of them.

the highlights of my trip definitely included meeting the staff that worked at the resort. They all went out of their way to make us feel completely at home & keep us happy. Carri, the breakfast pancake and lunch hamburger man was one of my favorites. He greeted us each morning with ‘HELLO FRIENDS’ and he always joked around with us. His pancakes were also amazing. The bartenders at the lobby ‘El Mojito’ bar were definitely fun to hang around with. Most of them professed their love to Jenia (particularly Edel/Ed/Eddie) who asked Jenia to please come back so she could be his girlfriend. Other bartenders that made our stay more interesting were Daibel who’s alter ego was a Ninja Turtle living in sewers and stalking us in our sink. Pervy (I don’t know his name) who kept making vulgar gestures at Jenia & then random other bartender who Jenia mis-labeled as pervy for 3 days but in reality was really sweet. The evening chefs in the buffet certainly made me and Katlynne’s stay a little bit more interesting too. After giving me the third degree one night, the chef (Keirba or something like that was his name) he asked me about 100 times to meet him after his shift was over. The other chef, Ivan did the same to Katlynne… but when he was unsuccessful he started asking me to meet him (on other days). We also met a very good looking Cuban singer who serenaded our table (but mostly Kate it seemed), an incredibly nice waiter who escorted all the ladies out of the buffet on the last night & to Alex’s delight, a gay Cupid named Eduardo. On the way home I was sad to meet the man that I would have married in Canada… he helped us get our tickets and went completely out of his way to make sure we all had a buddy to sit with on the plane. He was incredibly good looking. Why don’t these kind of men exist in Montreal?
We developed quite the routine after staying at the resort a couple days. Wake up at 9, breakfast at 9:30, beach or poolside by 11, lunch at 2:30, rest/nap time between 4:30-6, dinner between 7-8, drinks/show at the discotheque/more drinks/hang outs in the hotel rooms after dinner. Although we didn’t go crazy and do a ton of excursions off the resort, we still had fun. We were our own party which came in really handy since the resort didn’t offer much night life. Although Jenia and I often went to sleep earlier than everyone else we still had our own fun. Lobby drinks & bonding talks all around the resort (of the serious and the fun kind) were some of the things we did while everyone else danced the night away. I miss every second of it.

Eating coconut & drinking coconut milk by the pool, reading, watching the cartoon network in the evening, jumping in the water at any moment, breathing in the salty air by the beach, looking for seashells, encountering giant octopuses that are actually sea cucumbers, taking millions of pictures, getting drunk, fights, making-up, hugs, huge amounts of food & alcohol, useless internet connections, complete loss of time for hours on end… It all became so much a part of me that I couldn’t believe it when it all came to an end.

In the end, I feel closer to these 7 people more now than ever. I miss them now when we’re not together and keeping each other updated on every second of our lives. I miss being so comfortable with these people that I can live with them for a week without complaint and wish it lasted longer. I can officially say I’m addicted to traveling.

I can’t WAIT to go back, whereever I may end up next<3


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