Although the point of going downtown yesterday was for dahfa to meet at fouf’s and do what we do best, it never happened. We did have a fun girls’ day/evening anyway though.

I was downtown by 9am because I had to take my entrance exam for journalism at concordia. I’m really nervous to get my results because I don’t think I did THAT well, but I don’t really think anyone else did. The exam literally sets you up to fail. The downside to having to take an exam on top of everything for this program is that we don’t hear back from the University until MAY.

After my exam I managed to hop a random bus and make my way to the Eaton Center for the first time ALL ALONE (yeahh!) and met Jenia for some food & shopping. We later met up with Jenn and spent countless hours in our favorite DQ talking and being very anti-social (aka reading… we were bored)
Laura met up with us around 5:30 and we walked down to the Cage to get Lisa and our table for the night. We watched the Habs lose 5-2 to the Maple Leafs. Although it was a bad loss we made the absolute best of it by making fun of stupid people around us and sporting our habs shirts with pride anyway.
At 10pm dahfa decided that it was going to be another lost day of dahfa-ing at fouf’s… so we called it a night and headed back to the west island. I got a lovely lesson in hockey teams on the 211 and we introduced Laura to our probably really embarassing fanclub.
Jenn, Jenia and I spent a couple more hours awake at Jenia’s before crashing around 1am.
All in all it was a really good day spent out of the house with some of my favorite people.

don’t forget; although we’ll be single until we die, we won’t ever be alone, ily girls ❤


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