It hasn’t stop raining in 2 days, and today looks like we might go for 3. Of course, the downpour started on Sunday at the show in Tremblant, forcing the guys to cancel because all their stuff got soaked on stage.

I had a really fun weekend in Tremblant with the girls besides the canceled show though. We arrived on Saturday late afternoon, and after an hour and a half of looking for our room and a parking spot we finally settled in. Our room was super awesome- it had 2 floors to it including a kitchen, living room and 2 bathrooms. Saturday night we went into the village for dinner at Casey’s and headed back to our room to watch the Habs game. We kept ourselves entertained with quizzes and they tried to teach me all the Habs’ jersey numbers… I’m getting there! Later that night we went out for a walk & watched the Planet Smashers play a set before heading back to our room to watch some TV and go to sleep.

Sunday started off really nice- we woke up, got ready and hung around on our balcony for a little while before checking out at 11:30am. It was a little bit cold/cloudy but we weren’t too worried at that point. We wanted to walk around and do some light shopping but it turned out that TNC were already there getting ready to do soundcheck- so we hung around for that instead. We were really happy to see them onstage since it’s already been a month or so since the last show. After their soundcheck we went for lunch… and thats when it started to rain. And it didn’t stop until past 3 pm. We couldn’t really do much else after the rain started, but we did manage to watch some of the snowboarding competition and creep Hamrlik from the Habs for a little while since he was standing like 5 feet away.
After hearing that TNC’s first set was canceled we went inside a hotel lobby to warm up. Not long after we noticed everything being packed up on stage so we went over to see what was going on and thats when David told us that the second set was canceled too because everything on stage was wet and it was too dangerous. We hung around the stage a bit and talked about the upcoming tour & the new merch with David, and then Jenia gave him the documentary which got them all pretty excited. Around 3:30 we went to the car and came back to Montreal!

The weekend overall was a lot of fun, it was just too bad about the double sets on Sunday. I’m really happy that we have the tour with Ten Second Epic to look forward to in May though. I’m pretty sure May is going to be the most amazing month of the year. Here’s what it looks like:

April 19th- Thriving Ivory @ Underworld
April 21st- AAR @ Club Soda
May 1st- The Hot Streak @ Saints
May 9th- The Hot Streak @ Clydes
May 6th – TNC @ Ottawa, ON @ Babylon (AA)
May 13th – TNC @ Montreal, QC @ Cabaret ** (AA)
May 15th – TNC @ Laval, QC @ Theatre Maison Des Arts ** (AA)
May 17th – The Hot Streak @ Club Soda
May 26th – TNC @ Kingston, ON @ Bar None (AA)
May 30th – TNC @ Toronto, ON @ The MOD Club (AA)
June 17th- Paramore/No Doubt @ Bell Center

I can’t wait!

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