everything is falling into place


these last few days have been crazy. i literally can’t believe everything that is now going on in my life besides actually going to shows.
on tuesday i headed downtown for an interview for Confront Magazine. it’s the only english music related magazine in Montreal so far. Jenia & I had our interview together- but it was more of a formality because it turned out to be a mini-training/explanatory session on how things are run for the online-based magazine. we were super excited right away and we got our first two deadlines before we left the editor’s house.
the first deadline is actually today. we both got a band that were expecting a 15 question online interview.
the second is next thursday. jenia and i will be taking care of all 5 bands at Taste of Chaos. i’ll be interviewing Four Year Strong & Pierce The Veil. they’re not really my type of music but it’s still going to be really awesome to meet bands and interview them and see all these different perspectives. i honestly can’t think of anything better to do to get experience for later on.

on top of all of this, today our editor sent Jenia & I an email telling us that she heard we were huge TNC fans and they had an upcoming scheduled interview with them on April 8th. she asked if we would be willing to do it even if it meant having another deadline and we both agreed immediately. jenia, knowing me so well even replied for me to make sure we got to do it together.

so not only am i interviewing my favorite band, but it’ll be the second time in 6 months that i do. i don’t know if i could be any happier than i am right now.
things are finally falling into place for me exactly how i wanted them to. i actually feel like i’m headed in the direction that i wanted to be.
now all i need to do is get april 8th off work and i’m ready to go.
i seriously can’t wait


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