I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this. Re-posted from National Product’s blog:

[Hey everyone. So I have some news for you that never comes as good news. I
was driving to see Rise Against while on my vacation in Hawaii and I got a
call from our drummer, one of my dearest and best friends Robby.

I could tell something was wrong because you just know a persons inflection
when you have known them since you were young. You can tell by the little
idiosyncrasies what they are about to say or do.

He asked me if I was by myself, because he needed to talk to me about
something serious. Ironically, I immediately thought I did something wrong
ha, im not sure why I felt I did. He went on to tell me this:

” I woke up the other day with some serious shocking pains in my face. I
wasn’t sure what it was so I self diagnosed myself online and from there set
up an appointment with a nurse. The nurse told me it would be a good idea to
get an MRI so upon doing so and completing it, I noticed the nurses all
acting strange. As I was walking out of the room a doctor came out and said
“nurse I need to speak with that patient” He took me in the room and told me
that I had a brain tumor on the base of my brain the size of a ping pong

So basically, when Robby told me all this, my heart absolutely sank into my
stomach and I felt tears on my face. Hearing the news of something like this
is truly painful especially when its happening to one of the best dudes I
know. He is the guy I sit back and look at saying “man, I want to be as calm
and collective as he is, I want to be as good of a boyfriend to my
girlfriend the way he is etc” Hes just like a super man to me and it was
really hard to compute how this could happen to such a good person, but then
again, doesn’t it always?

We just got off 9 months straight of touring in which one woman…
Catherine, who was like a mother to us, and our band had passed away from
cancer. A lot of you may have met her and a lot of you not. Robby lived with
her taking her to chemo all week long, in and out of doctor appointments,
giving up a very big part of his life to basically play nurse to this woman
and on one of our last tours, we knew she had only weeks to live. She wanted
to go out and tour with us, so we took her. We came home, jumped on another
tour and found out, that she was very terminal and would pass shortly after.
We met her in Portland and played acoustically one last time for her,
everyone crying, everyone moved and touched by this woman.

Well, all those thoughts passed in my mind when Robby was telling me this
because there is no way that I could even process watching one of my best
friends ever go down that same path.

So I am not about to start now. As with everything we have experienced as
National Product, as people, I have always believe prayer was the most
powerful driving force in our success’ and our hardships. When my brother
was in the suicide bombing in Iraq and my grandmothers cancer was over
taking her, your prayers are what really got me, and my family through.

Well now Robby is in need of those same thoughts and prayers and he could
use it, along with our families and his.

The dude is loved by everyone and he is surrounded by great friends so why
not surround him with some love and thoughts, even if your not into prayer.

On a last note, Ive attached the MRI of his tumor. I am told at this point
it is a benign slow growing tumor but it has done damage to his hearing and
his balance so he will be under going what is known as Gamma Knife Surgery
here very soon. I have also attached his myspace & facebook if you want to
send him any words of love. I know he would appreciate it.

Please pass this on to anyone who you may think can help, or knows Robby in
anyway. Sorry to break this on Easter. Let it remind you how dope life is, and how important it is to constantly live with passion and love others.

– Danny]

I love this band to pieces, to the point where I feel like I know them personally even if I’ve never met them. I was completely heartbroken by this blog. Wow.


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