I missed this… SO much<3


the AAR/Shiny Toy Guns show last night was absolutely amazing. I knew that I missed my weekly concerts, but this week reminded me just how much. I haven’t been able to stop listening to AAR since last night & I fell back in love with Shiny Toy Guns. ♥

But before the show started I got to interview Nick Wheeler, the guitarist for AAR. I was a bit nervous because although I haven’t been a die-hard AAR fan I’ve been listening to them and following their career since high school. I didn’t know who he was personally in the band before interviewing him, but I absolutely fell in love with the guy by the end of it. He was SO cute & friendly… by far my favorite interview to date (well I haven’t done that many… but it’s definitely been the most awesome experience). It’s not every day that you get to sit down for 20 minutes and talk to someone who makes music that you adore and compliment them about it too. To be honest, I’m so shy it’s very rare that I get the courage to go around telling bands how amazing they are live… But it just kept coming up in the interview and he was so flattered… it was absolutely adorable. After being in a band this long and he still takes compliments that well. It was great.

The show itself started with an opening band called the Ace Enders who weren’t AMAZING… but the lead singer was walking downtown earlier in the afternoon and Jenia spotted him on the street and told me she recognized him. I told her she was going crazy but we followed him… until a red light stopped us and he completely disappeared. Then Jenia ran into him inside Club Soda and then we saw him on stage. It was interesting haha. They also had a drummer with the most awesome hair/beard (aka baby Santa Claus) and I went up to him after the show and told him they were awesome. They weren’t AWESOME… but he was happy that I told him so.

The lead singer for Ace Enders… AKA the random person Jenia *knew* was in a band

When Shiny Toy Guns went on I was really excited. Jenia interviewed Jeremy, the keyboardist and said he was really creepy… But luckily the lead singer (guy) was amazing live & they played my favorite song off their first album, Rainy Monday. They were SO good. I’d go see them again for sure. I downloaded their more recent album today and I’m really excited to give it a listen after my AAR phase dies down a bit.

The girl vocalist for Shiny Toy Guns

The guy vocalist for S.T.G

When AAR came on I was really impressed. The last time I saw them was in… 2006? I forgot what an amazing show they put on. Well, besides the fact that Tyson Ritter was drunk/high on something… he still sang his heart out & he sounds fantastic live. And I won’t lie, it was pretty awesome to see Nick rocking out on stage with girls yelling how much they love him.

Tyson Ritter & his creepy new look… Atleast he still sounds amazing!

Nick… Guitarist for AAR


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