On Friday Jenia, Jenn and I met up downtown & headed to the Saints venue for the LME Showcase. We were originally going to see The Hot Streak who won 2nd place at the battle of the bands and were offered a place at the showcase… But then Angel asked me and Jenia if we could go & write a review of the show. Unfortunately the show ended up not being very good but THS put on an amazing show on their part. I really hope for them that they get some good feedback after the showcase. Coming from Montreal it would be really awesome to see this band go somewhere. Jenia and I are going to be setting up an interview with the guys this summer so I’ll definitely post that whenever it happens. I know now though that the ideas they have for this interview is wicked and I’m really excited to make it happen!

After the show we ended up going to Fouf’s with the guys to have a couple drinks. It surprised even me, Jenn and Jenia. We ACTUALLY went to Fouf’s? How long have we been trying to go and keep being too tired?! Since January. Good job on us for actually going… Think we can do it one more time before you leave Jenn?! Haha 😉 It was overally a really awesome night though.

After sleeping at Jenia’s on Friday night after the show I ended up working my first (full) shift at the smoothie shop. It started off okay & then Jenia somehow ended up sitting for 3 hours while I worked to keep me company. I even ended up making crepes & wraps. I’m learning how to cook! It’s very surprising considering I sometimes have trouble making Kraft Dinner properly. I was very impressed with myself, minus the mini-hand burning issues I was having.
When my shift finally ended at 5, Jenia and I took an hour and a half to make our way downtown for our CONFRONT staff meeting. It was really awesome to meet everyone that we work with & be a part of the big changes that are going to be taking place in the next couple months.

Speaking of Confront, my first article went up a couple days ago (the one that Jenia and I wrote about TNC) It’s the cover & it’s awesome. http://www.confrontmagazine.com

Lastly, I’m incredibly excited. In 3 days me, Jenn and Jenia are going to Ottawa for TNC’s. First date of 5 that we’ll be going to on the tour. It’s going to be amazing. I’m SO excited!!


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