I can’t believe that I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the chance to update since the weekend. I guess it’s not such a bad thing because I’ve been having an amazing last couple of days. Here’s what’s been going on.

Thursday & Friday after the Ottawa show I worked. I thought my shift on Thursday at Chapters would be terrible because I was in such a good mood from the show… But it ended up being really fun. I got to do some cash and it was nice to get back into work. Friday I worked another shift in the smoothie shop, and as it has become usual, Jenia hung around on the freezer and kept me company. The days can get pretty long working there because there are so few customers at the moment.

On Saturday Jenn, Jenia, Lisa, Laura and I had a well deserved girls’ night which ended up being a DAHFA success as well! We all went to Clyde’s for 8pm to see The Hot Streak play. Things were weird for the show and they only ended up going on stage at 1am. In between we met Steve & his creepy friend, drunk Andy & Elliot… and of course we got to spend some time with the THS guys. We always have a really good time with them- but I have to say I REALLY had an amazing night with the girls. I don’t know what’s going to happen when Jenn leaves, 1/5 of us is going to be gone and dahfa just won’t be the same for the summer without her.<3

Some moments worth mentioning…
“My pants are SO soft. Touch them. Touch my pants

“Your teeth are so white…”
“Are you a dental hygienist or something? Do you have a teeth fetish?…Wanna lick ’em?!”

“Jenia your hair smells so good… HAHA watch what you write on Facebook. It shows up on my minifeed…”

“What does your shirt say Melissa?!”

“We match!”
“We could be a threesome. You, me and my bass!”

“Does MY hair smell good?!”
*smells* “It smells like cats”
Why don’t you write me wall posts like that?!”

Then yesterday (Monday) The New Cities played a half hour set at MusiquePlus downtown. It was my first time at M+ and it was a really cool experience. It was interesting because everyone who showed up went just for the guys. I’ve seen them play shows where less than 10 people show up- and now there was over 30 who all fought for their attention. It was both amazing and impressive to see. It’s weird having to wait to say hi to them, it’s just never been like that before. Every time though it makes me so happy for them. They deserve this success & I know it’s not even getting to their heads. They’re just as surprised as anyone else that people are coming to see them. And I truly hope they never lose that quality because it makes them one in a million.

I’m REALLY excited for tomorrow though. It’s the TNC Montreal show date and I’m interviewing the opening band, The Februarys. Then we get to attend a 5-7pm showcase/party… and then the actual show at 8pm with everyone else. I have every intention of being front row again. It’s the best way to watch these guys play!


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