Tour Date #2… Montreal

Wednesday night all of us girls headed to the Cabaret Juste Pour Rires downtown to see The New Cities show, once again.

I was really looking forward to this date on Jenn, Jenia and mine’s tour because me and Jenia both had an interview in the afternoon with one of the opening bands & TNC’s were playing a showcase before the show. The whole night turned out amazing, as usual.

My interview took place around 4:45pm with Lucas, the lead singer of The Februarys. We sat in their tour van which was actually identical to the old TNC’s tour van… I had some crazy flashbacks when I sat down inside. The interview went really well. He’s super nice & we’re like best friends now for the rest of the tour.
Right after my interview was the 2 hour showcase. For the first hour or so it was basically just a party for the guestlist which included the reps & employees of Sony, the guys in Simple Plan & a couple other small time bands that came to show their support. It was pretty amazing to be a part of that crowd. Around 6pm the guys went on stage and played 4 songs for all the press in attendance. They put on a fantastic show as usual and I got completely psyched for the actual show. Which turned out to be even better than the showcase.

After their show every single person that was there decided they wanted to stick around for pictures and to talk to the guys. It was completely chaotic and annoying but at the same time I couldn’t help feeling super proud of the guys for coming this far. 3 months ago there was almost no one at their Montreal show… and now anyone that was important was there.

We gave the guys about half an hour to mingle until we finally decided to go say hi to all of them, congrats & good show. At the last minute Jenn, Jenia and I decided we wanted single pictures with all of the guys. We weren’t sure how that was going to go but they were all super excited to get pictures with us. I’m so glad that we’re not at the point where it’s too weird to ask for pictures. I’m so excited to ask for a group picture in Kingston at the end of May!

Me & Nick

Me & David

Today is Tour Date #3 with the girls. We’re going to Laval to see the guys play. After tonight we have to wait until May 26th because they’re going to the Maritimes. After a week like this one I’m not sure how well that’s going to go… Atleast I know I’ll get to see them a couple more times!


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