It’s unbelievably hard to explain to someone what it’s like to go to a TNC show & see a sold out crowd waiting in line to see them. 7 months ago when Jenia & I went to St. Adele & Ottawa I could have counted on both hands how many people went to see them. On Friday night I had 15 year old girls lining up at 12:30pm to make sure they could get front row.

This show was completely different from what I’m used to seeing at a New Cities show. I have to admit that it had been a pretty long/intense week of TNC shows: M+ on Monday, the showcase & the Montreal show on Wednesday & now the Laval show… I was completely worn out. I didn’t have the energy to start fights about being front row. After 13 shows I’ve only not been front row for 3, but it was still really hard to decide that we were going to take a step back that night.

Jenn, Jenia & I were all feeling the exact same about the whole situation. We ended up sitting on the front steps of the venue for the entire first act, most of the Februarys (although we caught the last 10 minutes or so) and Ten Second Epic. We only went back in for the last 2-3 songs of TSE because we just weren’t in the mood to sit through 3 full bands before TNC. Instead we talked for 2 hours about a thousand different little things. We did manage to put a smile on each other’s faces when I called a certain someone and pretended to be Jenn… It’s the little things, but it was hilarious.

When The New Cities went on stage I knew it was going to kill me to be standing at the back of the venue. For all of these shows we were right there- this time we stood back, and it was different in this completely amazing way. The three of us literally stood there and sang along with 150 other people who knew the lyrics to all of the songs. The crowd was absolutely crazy and I was so proud of how far these guys have come. It was kind of amazing to just stand back and see how far they’ve come with the other two people who knew that The New Cities have come a long way in a year and a half.

After the show was over we waited inside the venue while it cleared out because the guys were doing pictures outside in the hall by the merch table. We waited around half an hour until we thought it might be okay to go out and say hi to everyone… But as soon as we went into that hallway the people that worked at the venue closed the doors right behind us and we were completely stuck. 150+ people had all 6 guys + all the other bands completely surrounded all the way down the hall. It was literally impossible to move. So the three of us leaned back on the door and watched for a little bit in complete awe all the pictures and the signings taking place. We literally didn’t move for another 20 minutes because there were just too many people. We eventually decided we should probably start making our way out.

We were all a little bit nervous that the guys would get tired of seeing us around so much. We just wanted to say a quick goodbye and congrats before heading out. It turned out to be one of the nicest goodbyes I’ve ever gotten from 6 different guys. Even the opening bands were sad to see us go.

I honestly don’t know how to explain how it feels to be a part of something so big. I’ve said this so many times in recent posts, but these guys deserve this success more than anyone I know. This tour has been and will continue to be one of the most amazing experiences of 2009. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it so far.

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