Secrets of the Fence

I love nights like the one I had with the girls on Friday. The minute we’re all together we’re absolutely hysterical and the moment right before we fall asleep we’re all smiling with our eyes closed about the days’ jokes. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be with these girls, I love them to death ❤

The Hot Streak show was a lot of fun as always, and most of the guys ended up sticking around after their set to celebrate Laura’s birthday with us. Gil bought us a pitcher of Sangria and we all went into the corner of the bar/venue where all the couches were to drink & take tons of pictures.

We made Laura birthday balloons after Gil cut them down for her… At first there were some birthday wishes on them but after a while we got carried away with the permanent markers. Jenia even managed to rub the balloons all over her white jacket (because they were so nice?) we never figured it out.

By midnight we were all absolutely hysterical about everything and taking pictures of everything we were doing. People ask me why I don’t go out to clubs and get drunk out of my mind… Nights like these remind me why. After 2 drinks (I was still sober) and I had an amazing time without being drunk.

All in all I think it was an incredibly successful 20th birthday for Laura. From the bar to the cab ride home and me making friends with the old cab driver, to the cockroach looking spiders in Laura’s house & me tipping the chair over with me still in it… We had a really amazing time. (Well, minus me falling off a chair. That was only fun for everyone else)

Quote of the day: “I was reading your blog… and like…. what’s that five letter word from the night of the last show?!”


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