What I have to look forward to now:
June 2nd: Interviewing Wild Light at Le National
June 7th or 14th: Interviewing The Hot Streak for CONFRONT
June 19th: Virgin Fest MONTREAL… (TNC will be there along with Hedley)
June 20th: Depending on how things work out, I may or may not go to the 2nd day of Virgin Fest… and there is a very small chance that I get to interview Jesse McCartney and/or some other artists

AND somewhere in there I’m hoping to add in some Mariana’s Trench tour dates… The Februarys are supposed to be playing some shows with them & I plan on being there.

I bought the Febs’ digital download album in Toronto and it’s been on repeat ever since. It’s actually SO good… I’ll probably buy the actual thing when it comes out in August.

Last thing I have to say… My All American Rejects article went up this month.
Check it out HERE!!


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