May 2009


I didn’t think this post would ever come, but here I am, writing about the last date I went to on the ‘Welcome to Your Hometown’ tour. Words can’t even describe how absolutely amazing these 5 shows were. It was such a neat experience to meet & get to know the opening bands and support TNC’s through 2 provinces. I’ve never been so devoted to a band before that I’d actually wanted to do that, but I honestly don’t regret it one bit. Not to mention that I got to make all these unforgettable memories with two of the best people in my life right now. ♥

Toronto was just as fantastic as all the other 4 shows. The only difference between this one and the rest was that I’d never actually been to TO and I spent the entire weekend there. On Friday the 29th I woke up at 5:30am and Jenia & I made our way by Via Rail to Toronto. We headed almost immediately to MuchMusic because the three of us were going to M.O.D for The New Cities. It’s weird because although I went to M+ in Montreal, this was a completely different experience. Besides the fact that the show was live on National TV it was pretty amazing to watch the TNC guys get interviewed & play a set for thousands of viewers. Although the girls sitting in front of me were REALLY annoying I had a great time. I would for sure go back to M.O.D if I got the chance one day.

After leaving M.O.D we walked a couple blocks to Forever 21. We all bought an outfit for the show the next day & I got my first taste of downtown Toronto… which was a lot like NYC but less lights and a little bit less glamorous.
On Saturday I somehow managed to spend half of my afternoon inside a Chapters or an Indigo, but as nerdy as I am I really liked seeing all the different layouts compared to the one that I work at.

Besides that, we met up with some other Toronto friends and spent the afternoon walking around, shopping and taking pictures. At around 4:30 I experienced a whole new kind of traveling to get to the MOD Club… subway-street car-shuttle bus… all these fancy names for things that pretty much looked like what busses and metros are in Montreal.

MOD Club was a really nice venue, it reminded me a lot of Club Soda but just prettier. The sound for the actual show was really great too. The Februarys put on a wicked set- it was the first out of 5 shows that I knew almost their entire setlist and actually sang along. Although we weren’t front row, Jenia & I had a really good place to watch from. I really love watching the crowd during TNC because I’m so often front row that I don’t get to see their reaction. The last song that the guys played, I won’t lie I kind of teared up. I sang really loud and tried really hard to remember everything about it. I’m going to miss this tour SO much.

After saying goodbye to all the guys, congratulating them on their MMVA nomination & having some late night sing-a-longs on the street we went back to Pickering to sleep. We sadly left the next day around lunch time and I got home right before dinner. I really loved seeing Toronto for the first time and I’m ready to go back very soon to actually see more then stores.

I can’t think of a better way to of ended off this tour. The only thing I would have changed would have been to add Jenn in the whole thing, but she was definitely with us in spirit<3

So here’s to May 2009, to the memories, the music, the new band discoveries, the interviews, the jokes, the hysterical laughter and to knowing that there will be a next time so we can do it all over again ♥ ♥


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  1. Thanks for making me cry. This month was amazing. I wish I could put into words how amazing. I don't think I'll ever forget it. The people we met, the things we experienced. I love it.

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