June 5th


Exactly 1 year ago we started something kind of amazing. We had no idea that it was the beginning of something that would get better and better, but that’s exactly what our friendship became. It’s so funny to look back to June 5th 2008 because I remember having such an amazing time with these 2 girls… & I don’t know how it could possibly be as much fun as what the three of us just went through in May ’09.

But no matter where we’ve been in the last 365 days we’ve always made time for each other and through that we have had some amazing memories and created some really strong friendships. I don’t know who I’d be without these two girls in my life. We really are CT’s… you’re both in my head ALL the time & you constantly know exactly how I’m feeling and exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t even need to finish a sentence because I know that you’ll be able to do it for me.

I’m gonna miss our 1/3 this summer… Last year was hard, this year will be even harder. But I’m so happy that we got to go on tour together… Those 4 dates were crazy! I’ll be thinking about you all the time this summer<3

Last night (aka June 5th 2009) we celebrated by doing what we do BEST. Going to a show, singing our hearts out and laughing hysterically together. Of course now we’ve become a bit more of a fivesome (DAHFA?!♥) but it was SO weird to remember that SO much has happened in the last year. I honestly have no idea where time has gone, it practically feels like yesterday that I was having a panic attack outside Le National (good times…!!)

The Johnstones came to town yesterday for the first time since last year (2008). I wasn’t really in the mood to see them play. I kind of felt over them… They remind me so much of last summer and I thought I was at a new point in my life. I completely forgot how much FUN I have at their shows. And how much I secretly love their music.
We really needed a show like this… A random one to remind us that we can have one when we’re not on tour *cough cough* even though it isn’t quite the same.

It’s only been one week since my last concert… but I missed nights like these anyway. People often ask me why i go to so many concerts and spend my money there… My best answer is that it’s where I am completely happy. I have so much fun at shows & I’ve met a lot of great people in the last 2 years… I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing about it.
This summer, even though Jenn won’t be around, Jenia & I will be going on a few more adventures that I’m really looking forward to:

June 19th: V-Fest Montreal
June 20th: V-Fest Montreal (possibly doing some interviews)
July 24-27th: Going back to Toronto!
July 24th: The New Cities in Kitchener
July 25th: The New Cities & Katy Perry in Toronto (Molson Amphitheater… I can’t believe it)
August 14th: The New Cities in Gananocque

And knowing the two of us… That won’t be the end of it.
I can’t wait ♥


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