Good Times ’08-’09


For the last hour or so Jenia & I have been on MSN remembering this past year and how amazing it’s been to us. It’s weird because I forget how much everything has changed since the two of us have become really close. We were mostly thinking about one particular group of guys who have seriously impacted our lives since Feb ’08 when we decided to start going to The New Cities’ shows.

We started by going to shows where they opened for bigger bands that we went to see, to catching a couple of their shows in Montreal, to traveling last summer in July to a show where we were practically the only ones in attendance. We supported them as they got their name out there- we knew before anyone else that one day, they would be huge.

Then in Fall of ’08 Jenia had the bright idea of creating a documentary of their rise to fame & the difficulties of making it in the music industry today. We had no idea when she first asked the guys that it would turn out as amazing as it did;

(please excuse the bad quality, youtube messed it up…)

The documentary led to us traveling for the first time To Ottawa & St-Adele to film the guys do their thing so that we could put it all together. In Ottawa, Jenia & I pushed our luck by trying to catch the latest bus home and missing it. The guys- who didn’t owe us a thing- let us stay with them in their hotel room and drove us back to Montreal when they headed home the next day.

From then I think you could say that the two of us (and Jenn who came home after a long summer away) became #1 fans. Not in the creepy sense- but I think it’s safe to say that we’ve done our share to support these guys. And they’ve deserved it.

Since ’09 has come around we’ve gone on tour with the guys- In May ’09 we went to the famous 5 ‘Welcome to Your Hometown Tour’ dates that included Kingston & TO, the furthest we’ve ever traveled to see them play.

In April Jenia & I got our positions at CONFRONT magazine where we somehow got an interview with the guys as our first cover article & first real interview with the magazine.

We’ve seen the guys go from a small-time Montreal band to a group of artists that are well known across the country. After being signed in October ’08 the guys not only released their first single and music video, but they already have a second single and video in the works. Just recently they were also nominated for an MMVA, which unfortunately they lost (to Nickelback… really…)

It’s kind of amazing to think that the three of us have seen them become the amazing performers they are today. We weren’t there when they first started out three years ago- but we’ve definitely seen a significant part of their career; one that I know is only going to get better with the years.

I can honestly say that I’m incredibly proud of these guys for everything they’ve achieved in a little over a year. They are one of the few truly talented bands out there that have amazing chemistry on stage & are still completely true to themselves, even with all their sudden fame.
I love that Jenia, Jenn and I have been able to make friendships based on our love of music and our understanding that bands like this don’t come around often. Although we started out as friends because of our shared love of music, we’ve become so much closer & I owe a huge part of that to these guys, strangely enough.

On Monday Jenia & I are going to be in Toronto where TNC booked a show (by complete chance while we would already be there) that we’ll be attending. It’s going to be my 19th one and I can honestly say I haven’t even come close to getting tired of seeing these guys play. I’m just as excited right now as i was in June 2008 when I went to my first official TNC show with the girls.

I think that’s something kind of special, don’t you?


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  1. Pretty neat, being there right at the beginning of something BIG! (Did they make it big yet? Did the documentary help?!)You're like… classy groupies.I sometimes wish I could just travel around listening to music. Maybe I'll do some more live music photography in the future 🙂

  2. They did make it pretty big. Well by Canada's standards they're gaining popularity really quickly. They're not quite as famous as some other Canadian names right now but compared to 2 years ago, the change is insane. And you should definitely do more live music photography. You get really neat & unique shots from shows I find!

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