New Plan

Melissa’s Plan To Get Out of Debt & Hopefully Save Money By The End of Summer

Starting right now, this very second, July 3rd 2009 7:15PM I will not:

1. Spend money on food
-unless I’m at a grocery store buying food to make lunches
– This includes Starbucks at work, even though I DO have a 30% discount *cries a little*
– No more going out for any meal when I have food at home (Unless I’m going to a birthday)

2. Buy books
– Even though I have an amazing discount, I cannot afford books. Since I’ve fallen drastically behind in my goal to read 50 books in 2009 due to my lack of funds to buy said books to read, I will start taking advantage of employee’s ability to borrow books.
– That started today ^

3. Buy clothes
– I keep saying that I need more summer clothes… But I don’t.
– Except I need shorts… Just a few
– I don’t need shoes or purses either
– Or necklaces
– I do need a summery jacket though, but not at this moment. Sweaters will do.

4. Buy Movies or Seasons or DVDs or CDs of any sorts
– I don’t care if Sex & The City is on sale 19.99 each… I know it’s a better price then usual but I simply cannot afford to finish off my series
– The only CDs I will allow myself to buy at the moment is if it’s a band that I support 100% and have for a long time. But no random spurr of the moment purchases.

5. Make-Up & Hair Products or other accessories of this sort
– I don’t need make-up, no matter how many times I try to convince myself otherwise
– I have enough hair products for an army, I need to remind myself this when I’m in the mood to *try something new*
– I will only buy products if it is something I use regularly and I’ve run out (aka hair spray, other woman things…)

THINGS I can & will continue to spend money on because they make me happy:

– Concerts & traveling. They are the reason I need to cut back on so many other things… but I love them too much to give them up. Sorry.

– Bus Pass. I need it every month

– Cell Phone bill. Gotta pay those bills.

I’ve run out of ideas of things I need to spend on… But I get my own point here.

NO MORE spending on random things that have no meaning in the end! I need and want to save for emergencies and/or something more important.

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