Crazy 20s…!


My birthday this year was definitely the complete opposite from last year. I had an amazing time though; I ended up going out to dinner with Agnes, Jenia, Alexandra & Jess, and Jenia/Agnes treated me to an amazing dinner at Baton Rouge. After a nice photo session in the parking lot we headed over to Elixir on Sources where we met up with Alex, James & Kate. We had some drinks and dessert followed by more pictures in another parking lot and lots of laughs. I also got a birthday wish all the way from Peru when Selina called Kate’s cell while we were having dessert.

I was also really happy because my oldest friend, Alexandra, ended up coming for the evening. I haven’t actually hung out with her in so many years… But it was really cool that we made time for each other again this year. I definitely don’t want to lose touch with her again the way we have in recent years. We spent countless days on end with each other during our childhood, it’s strange that all of that is over just because we got older.

Although each year I seem to celebrate in a whole new way, I am reminded every single July 10th what amazing friends I have. The people that I can say matter most to me in my life right now (friends-wise) came for at least a little while on that night. Last year was really wicked in a completely different way because I had so many people come over to my place for a massive BBQ. I guess I just had such an amazing time last year that I forgot what a normal birthday felt like. It was really nice to just have those people that I’m closest to with me.

So thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday this year & of course to the 7 people who came out with me on Friday night. My life wouldn’t be the same without you and I’m incredibly happy to have you all in my life and to have celebrated my 20th with you guys!



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