Our Lady Peace Private Show


I have to admit that going downtown on Wednesday for my OLP interview with Jenia, I wasn’t overly excited. I mean yeah, I was looking forward to interviewing someone from a band that has been around for this long…. But we hadn’t managed to get tickets to the private show (which was invite only) and we were pretty bummed about having to write a 2,000 word article while everyone else got to enjoy Raine Maida’s voice.

At around 5PM our Sony REP came to get us and introduced us to Jeremy, the drummer for the band. We hung out in a stairwell inside the venue which is where we ended up doing our interview. It was a really cool experience to interview someone who’s had so much experience in the music business- he’s one of those people that you never expect to meet and talk to the way we got the chance to do. It was really awesome.

After waiting around for 2 hours once our interview was done, Jenia & I actually made it to the show. We didn’t have tickets but at the very last minute Sony invited us to the show… and I’m incredibly glad they did. I’ve liked OLP for years now & I’ve always known how amazing Raine Maida is- but this show gave me a completely new appreciation for this band. They sounded amazing live. With all the shows I go to in a year it’s nice to have a show every once in a while to go to and just enjoy the music. I kept catching myself watching Raine Maida and smiling to myself. I was just THAT happy to be there.

The set was a little bit too short, especially since they were the only band playing… But it was still an amazing first OLP show experience for me. I can’t wait for them to come back when they go on tour for their album!

The Set List

Raine Maida

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