What’s Going On…


I haven’t had the chance recently to really update but to be honest July’s been a pretty quiet month. It’s been all about working, making money & relaxing.

Here are a couple things that I did want to mention however…

1. I think I mentioned this band, We Are The Take, back in April when I saw them perform with Thriving Ivory at Underworld…. They’re from Toronto, they’re unsigned and I have NO clue why. They’re absolutely amazing. I’m completely addicted to this song they just put up on youtube:

2. At the end of the month of June I went to Toronto to be an extra in The Febs video shoot which I wrote about here . Well they put up a video blog from that day and you can see me, Jenia and Laura at the beginning and at the end which is kind of awesome!

3. I recently started reviewing books for this website: http://www.novelicious.com. My first book review went up this morning, you can check it out by clicking HERE

4. Lastly… Jenia and I are leaving for Toronto AGAIN on Friday morning! I’m incredibly excited. I can’t believe that in 3 months I’ll have gone 3 times, and before the month of May I had never been to TO before. I can’t remember how much I’ve mentioned this trip to TO, but basically we’re going from Friday until Monday. on Saturday we’re driving up to Kitchener for Beat Rocks the Block & on Sunday we’re going to the Molson Amphitheater for Katy Perry/Stereos/The New Cities. I’m really excited to go to the shows, but the really awesome part of this is that we didn’t plan on going to Toronto for shows- they just popped up when we decided we wanted to go.

So we’ll have a ton of time to actually roam around the city and I’ll hopefully get to see what I’ve missed in my last 2 visits. I’m really excited- this trip is what I’ve been looking forward to during this entire quiet month of July.

Time to get ready for work

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  1. hey melissa, didn't find your email address! anywho, i'm writing to let you know about an afterparty at the katy perry show. it's at the amex room of the molson amphitheatre, and we are playing. anyone can get in as long as they attend the katy perry show and get in line at the end of her set. we'd love to meet some of her fans, including you!-TMD

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