Time Flies. Toronto Part 3


I can’t believe that exactly one week ago from right now I was hanging out with Jenia in our hotel room downtown Toronto, probably eating too much food & listening to music too loud. My 4 day trip to Toronto was both amazing & too short (or rather it went by way too fast).

I think I could write about it for a very long time, but basically things happened like this:
On Friday we took a bus very early in the morning to Toronto. We got there around 2:30PM and went out to do some shopping for the rest of the afternoon. After a dinner near Dundas Square we bought some groceries & decided to call it a night. We spent the night in our hotel room watching TV & paying far too much money to use the internet.

The next day we headed out to Kitchener for Beat Rocks the Block with J & M who picked us up in TO around 11:30AM. The festival was free & some amazing bands were playing. I got to see Stereos, Midway State, The New Cities, Mariana’s Trench & part of Finger 11. It was really crazy. The crowd was incredibly staggering as well;

Apparently 15, 000 people made their way to Kitchener that day. It was really amazing. I also got the chance to meet the lead singer of one of my new favorite bands & current obsessions- Nathan from Midway State

He was really sweet & they put on an absolutely unforgettable set. I can’t wait for them to come back to Montreal so I can check them out again! The New Cities put on a really amazing set as well. I think this is the furthest I’ve ever had to watch them but it was really cool to see everyone around me reacting so positively while seeing them for the 1st time. I also got to see Mariana’s Trench for the first time ever and I was really impressed, I would definitely go see them again.

The next day Jenia & I got in line outside the Molson Amphitheater around 11:30AM to wait for the Stereos/The New Cities/Katy Perry show later that night. We wanted to be front row so badly… and we were.

The two of us were absolutely ecstatic; we got to be front and center after enduring one of the worst waiting-in-line experiences ever. After almost dying in a thunderstorm and enduring endless hours of on again/off again downpouring we got to see The New Cities perform to an international artists’ stadium audience for the first time ever. It was my 21st TNC show and I was more excited to see them that day then I ever have been before. They put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen them play and I was beyond happy to experience that with them.

Blurry shot of part of the stadium’s audience

On our final day in TO we did a bit more of a touristy thing. We did a few hours of shopping and then made our way to the CN tower. We sat directly underneath it & took in a good hour of sunshine… much deserved after an entire weekend of pouring rain. We took a bus back home at around 5:30PM which turned out to be a double decker coach bus. The ride was really amusing because we got to sit at the top at the very front… until darkness came and bugs started flying into the windshield. Needless to say the entire window in front of us was covered in bug guts… Really lovely.

I think that’s the most compact version of my trip possible. I’ve been so incredibly busy with work that I haven’t had the chance to even think of blogging until now. I have no idea where this last week has gone… I have no idea where summer has gone. These last 10 months in general, since I’ve been done school, have literally flown right by me. School is in less then 5 weeks… There’s so little left to look forward to until then;

Saturday August 8th: The New Cities in St-Jean sur Richelieu
Friday August 21st: Stereos at Underworld
Thursday September 3rd: Mission District in Laval

&& then school! I can’t believe I’m starting Universityin less then 5 weeks…


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