End of Summer


So much has been going on these last couple days, it’s crazy. Besides working a lot and trying to get ready for school which starts soon I’ve been going to the last few shows I have lined up before the end of summer.

On Monday, Jenia & I headed downtown and waited in line at Club Opera for 6 hours for the NRJ radio launch. I don’t think we were expecting there to be so many people & for so many VIP to get in before us… but luckily we went with a few other really amazing girls who saved us some front row spots for TNC’s set. It was only 3 songs but we all had so much fun and then we hung around & enjoyed some free drinks and took a few pics to remember the night by. We definitely need to do that more often, it’s amazing how similar we all are and because of that we all have a really good time together.

That night really confused me because we ended up “clubbing” from like 6PM until 9:30PM… By the time I got home at 10:30 it actually felt like 2am. I managed to fall asleep somewhere around midnight & then woke up at 5:30 in the morning for work (yesterday) which was really brutal. I’m not sure what time I really woke up at because I felt like a zombie ALL morning even though I’d been working for hours.

Right after my shift was done I headed to Jenia’s house. We went back downtown yesterday evening for drinks with the Confront gang. It was meant to be a little round of goodbye drinks for a friend that works at Sony that’s moving to London next week but we ended up drinking (at 6PM again) and then we were all starved so we drove to the Banquise for some poutine. I had another really amazing night but I absolutely hate goodbyes. Although the night ended kind of sadly, we got to listen to this really awesome band called Mackenzie 1st (on the way to the metro). Their first full length album comes out in October & from what I heard I’m definitely going to buy it. http://www.myspace.com/mackenzie1st

Today I’m heading to work again from 3-10 and that’s it for the week, thankfully. I’m pretty worn out. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday so we’re having a small dinner at my place and Friday I might be going back downtown with the gang. It’s a pretty packed week and I’m ending it off on Saturday with an interview with The Latency & then Jenia and I are going to hang out at the show to see the guys play. They’re performing with Shiloh but I’m not sure how long Jenia and I will stay once she hits the stage…

After that I have one more week until school. It’s weird because September is literally right around the corner and I still don’t feel like I’m going to University. Maybe that’s because I’m still not sure about where I’m going but I’d like to think it will all work itself out. I think I’m already headed in the right direction by working at Confront, hopefully that’ll open some doors to where I want to go later on. I’m definitely nervous to start University- I’ve gotten so used to working & having no homework these last 9 months… I guess I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much. I’m going to try really hard in Uni though, I think it just really hasn’t hit me how close it is around the corner.


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