Last Week!


These last few days have definitely been very hectic for me but in the best way possible. On Saturday I headed downtown with Jenia for my interview with The Latency. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all for the interview because I knew beforehand that the guys were all younger then me & still pretty new to the music industry… but I was really surprised in the end by how much fun I ended up having.

Jenia came with me & took pictures while I chatted with the singer, Brandon & the bassist, Ryan. They were super down to earth and were really excited when I pulled out some fan questions. They were really easy to talk to and were really professional with the questions which was really neat because I didn’t expect it to go that well. I’m actually really looking forward to transcribe my interview and write it up. I really liked the band from what I knew of them before but I think that the interview gave me a whole new perspective on them & I gained a lot more respect for them professionally as well as personally. It’s a lot of fun to meet people who are so excited to be doing what they’re doing (and in their case, doing it so well at such a young age!)

Sunday I worked all afternoon & today (well it’s actually almost 1AM on Tuesday but I’m technically still living in Monday…) I spent the entire afternoon downtown with Kate, Selina, Agnes & Selina’s friend Mona who’s currently backpacking through Canada (she’s from Germany, Seli met her in South America when she was down there). We had lunch, did some shopping for a couple hours, went to a cute little cafe/pub thing for another few hours & had a super expensive but worth it dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve never been there and I have to say that I was really impressed by how nice it was. It was also really cool to walk around the restaurant and see all the different pieces from music’s history that we have here in Montreal. I never even realized that we had a Hard Rock Cafe with so much to look at & I regret waiting this long to even go.

Tomorrow (or I guess later today) I’m heading back downtown with Agnes&Selina. We’re going to visit Concordia ourselves because we couldn’t go to orientation all together; buy books, get our ID’s, etc so that it’s all done & we’re ready to go when school starts next week.

Besides that I’m doing a whole lot of working in between & on Thursday I’m going to see The Mission District with Jenn & Jenia… and hopefully getting to interview them beforehand. I really got into this band in July after randomly finding out about them and I’d love to get to sit down with them for a bit. So hopefully that works out. It’s going to be a ridiculously busy week before school but I’m looking forward to it!


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  1. I read your note that you were … "looking forward to transcribe (your) interview and write it up."Did you mean:a) the clerical (foot pedal, etc.) part of that, or b) obtaining the readable transcript part.I do the "a" part so you have "b".Thanks for reading.Alan Kelly (since before AOL had mail)

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