Yesterday I got the chance to sit down with the lead singer of the band The Mission District before their show in Laval later that night.

It was probably my most interesting place to interview so far because I ended up meeting David (the singer) in a coffee shop downtown for a really normal sit down chat. It was really casual & very different from what I’ve gotten used to with my past interviews.

My favorite part about working with Confront is how it’s given me the opportunity to sit down with some of my absolute favorite bands & get to know them in a whole different way then I would by just going to shows. Even though I only randomly found out about The Mission District a few months ago and STILL haven’t had the chance to see them live I really love their sound and I think it’s really cool that they’re from Montreal.

Last night I was supposed to see them play… Jenia, Jenn and I went all the way to the venue and waited hours on end (as usual) for the show to start, but the opening bands went on pretty late and we all had to be up early this morning so we decided it would be easier to leave after the first band rather then attempt to walk out of a seated venue in the middle of another bands’ set. So in the end I didn’t get to see TMD even though I’d been really looking forward to it. I’m really glad my interview ended up working out so last minute and I FINALLY got to see Jenn after 2 and a half months!

I’m really excited because Mariana’s Trench announced some tour dates and they’ll be playing with both TMD and The New Cities. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with school and go to a few of those dates… without being too broke. It would definitely be amazing.


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