Where to start?


This past weekend was beyond words amazing. Besides last night I haven’t really slept properly in atleast 4 days but it was completely worth it. Saturday, as planned, the five of us piled into Jenn’s car & drove to middle of nowhere, dusty field St.Leonard D’Aston and sat front row from 4PM until 11PM to wait for TNC to play. Not only was it one of my absolute favorite sets by them but I don’t think it was possible to have more fun at a show with any other 4 girls.

We cuddled on a blanket in a really dirty field and tried to stay warm until the guys finally played

After the show which ended really late we hung around with the guys & were some of the last people to leave which was only because the security was practically kicking everyone out. We all got back into Jenn’s car and drove all the way back to Montreal and settled into our hotel room around 3am to open presents for Jenia’s birthday & just enjoy our really gorgeous executive suite. We also found one lone beer bottle sitting outside our door that was half full so we had a bit of fun taking pictures with it…

We stayed up until 5am keeping ourselves VERY entertained with Star Wars stickers, phone messages and overall enjoying each other’s company. We went to bed closer to 5am only to be woken up at 11:30am by the wrong number… It was all very confusing. We lived in our hotel room from the time we woke up until check out at 4PM. I found out that I NEVER want to be on Jenn’s bad side after I saw her attack our pinata and I was also reminded of the million or so reasons why I adore DAHFA so freaking much. We seriously complete each other in a really special (kind of retarded) way. ❤

Our attempt to look hungover

We had some fun waiting around with balloon hats that some of the fans made that had an… interesting shape

we went all dressed in the same shirts, different colors, courtesy of Lisa Mazzoni designs 😉

There are only about 800 other things I want to say about that night alone but I’ll skip the amazing details and move on to Monday night which was Jenia’s actual birthday and our attempt to continue our really amazing weekend.

Jenia and I headed downtown for 4PM and met up with the other 3 girls a little bit later. The waiting felt a bit longer for this show because we were stuck inside listening to bands and it was way too loud. Luckily, as usual, we managed to entertain ourselves by taking pictures and planning future roadtrips.

The guys only played 4 songs but we still managed to have a really good time and sing as loud as possible. I honestly don’t know how but every single time the new cities hit the stage I get incredibly excited and ready to sing&dance like crazy. I don’t know how to explain the feeling but I love that it hasn’t gotten old after 27 shows. They’re something pretty special, let me tell you.

Of course we had to have another really epic picture the whole gang together before all heading out for a few birthday drinks at Fouf’s. I think that even though Monday night wasn’t nearly as amazing or perfect as the weekend it definitely proved a few things to me that really made my night. I’m on a bit of a concert break for now although for me that only means about 3 weeks… but I’m already incredibly excited for the shows that are coming up in October.

I honestly have no idea how I got this lucky but I’ve met some of the most amazing people & some of the most amazing bands throughout my experiences so far and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. ♥


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