Crazy Week


I don’t update nearly often enough anymore. But I honestly just can’t find them time or energy these days. I guess that has to be a good thing but I definitely want to get back into the habit of writing more often. I think this is something I miss doing a lot.

Anyways like I said I’ve been keeping really busy. Now that I’m working 4-5 days a week I find myself really tired and stretched for time to go out… but I somehow still manage to do that regularly. This past week, since my last update, I think I’ve gone out something like 3 times. It’s so unlike me to stay out past midnight that many times in one week but it’s definitely started catching up with me. I’m having an amazing time but I’m big on sleeping and that’s something I’ve been lacking a lot of. This week I’m taking it easy and trying not to spend a penny. We’ll see how that works out. I just want to catch up on sleep & I have some work for Confront that I need to get done too.

After my night out last Saturday I worked Sunday/Monday and then headed back out Monday night with the gang to see Mackenzie 1st and Kate Voegele at the Cabaret Juste Pour Rires. It was really spontaneous and I had a good time but I was definitely really exhausted from work so calling it an early night worked out for me. Mack 1st put on a really good set but the sound was SO weird in the venue… I’d definitely go check them out again but I’m hoping in another venue. I was really looking forward to seeing Kate Voegele because she’s always really impressed me with her performances on One Tree Hill… but I wasn’t all that blown away. In all fairness I could hardly even SEE her so it was pretty hard to enjoy the show. But it was a good time with the girls… I love going to a random show every once in a while to change up the bands that I see.

After that I relaxed a bit more & worked… and Friday night I got to go to dinner at Kanda Sushi with Agnes, Kate and Selina. It’s so rare that our schedules spontaneously match up on a Friday night and although I was completely and utterly exhausted from a long week I was really glad I ended up going out. We always do the most completely random things together and go eat at the most different places. I love that we always manage to make time for each other even though at this point in our lives we all do our own thing usually. I still love the three of them to death. ❤

Then this past Saturday I headed back downtown with Jenia, Jenn, Laura and Athena & Sam who came down from Ottawa for the Ten Second Epic show at Olympia. It’s really too bad that I didn’t enjoy their music more last May when they were on tour with TNC because I have so much fun at their shows now. It was so nice seeing them again for the first time since Virgin Fest… Although I don’t know the band as well as I know some others their music will always remind me of the month of May & how I got to spend so much time with not only two of my best friends but three of my (now) favorite bands. I also finally got to meet the singer, Andrew. After seeing his band 7 times I think it was about time I got a picture with him.

What’s coming up:

Saturday October 3rd: Confront Meeting & Kate’s Birthday Party
Friday October 9th: TNC/SP in Montmagny
Saturday October 10th: TNC/Mariana’s Trench & Mission District in Toronto!
Tuesday October 20th: TNC/MTrench/TMD in Montreal
Friday October 23rd: TNC/MTrench/TMD in Ottawa AND Athena’s Birthday Party!


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