waking up before the sun


Waking up at 5:30am day after day is slowly killing me. Seriously, I’m not the kind of person that functions on little sleep. I think I was able to handle it more or less up until this morning when I nearly fell back asleep… and when I DID get out of bed it was so cold I couldn’t stop shivering. Winter is going to be impossible for me to wake up.

The only good thing about my schedule is that I finish work early every day but the downside to that is that when I get home I feel like a zombie. I don’t know which is better. Although I like having a steady schedule and a semblance of a routine (now that I’m not in school) I really don’t like being at work before the sun is even up. It’s hard.
Anyways besides that, work went by really fast. I also ran into an old friend at the bus stop today so we ended up going for lunch and hanging out for a few hours. It was really nice seeing her again after so long & getting the chance to catch up. It’s too bad we don’t get to see each other more often but it’s hard because we literally lead 2 completely separate lives. I really loved how sitting down together felt like absolutely no time had passed since the last time we’d hung out… and it’s probably been close to 2 years if not more since the last time we did actually hang out. It’s really strange to think about it now because back in high school we were practically inseparable. We lived down the street from each other at the time up until 6 months ago so we just lived at each other’s houses. Weird how time and age changes things like that. Maybe it would have been different if we went to the same school… Who knows- I just hope we make more time for each other because we used to have a really good time together.

And lastly for today, I’m really LOVING Paramore’s new album. I wasn’t sure if I would or not… Even though I was obsessed with their last record I was kind of tired of them as a band but I can definitely say I’ve fallen back in love with them. I’m addicted to their single, Ignorance.

This afternoon I need NEED to stop procrastinating. I need to clean my room up a bit & transcribe some interviews. All I can think of is sleeping and watching Big Bang Theory. This should be interesting!


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