FINALLY October… <3


Today is the first of October (obviously) and I couldn’t be more excited for this month. Last year, the month of October was one of my favorite of the year because I got to work on The New Cities’ documentary with Jenia, Kelly & Jenn… but this year it’s going to be amazing for a whole different reason. Jenia, Jenn and I are going back on “tour”.

Three of my current favorite bands are starting a cross country tour together in a few weeks and the three of us are going to Toronto with Laura, Ottawa with our usual Ottawa girls and Montreal with the usual gang. It’s not as many dates as this past May when we went to five shows but I know we’re going to make the best of it.

I’ve been listening to Mariana’s Trench nonstop today and I’ve been getting SO excited for October 10th. Thanksgiving weekend is going to be completely exhausting but also totally amazing.

Mariana’s Trench

The New Cities

The Mission District


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