I miss this one particular night like crazy. I know it sounds weird to say that, but May 26th was by far one of the easiest, least stressful and most fun shows I’ve ever been to. Don’t get me wrong- I love where the last two years have brought me, who I’ve met because of all the adventures & where hopefully I’ll end up in another two years because of all the experiences… But hands down, Kingston will be one of my favorite memories for a long, long time to come (along with a select few others I can think of off the top of my head)

Honestly, every single time I think of all the times SINCE then that I’ve felt so annoyed at concerts, it really bothers me. I was never in it for anything but the music… it just turned into a million other different things because of it. Going to concerts will always be for the music first and when I think of Kingston and in general the whole month of May I’m reminded of that 100%. Even Toronto (minus Jenn which obviously sucked)… but not worrying about being front row… just me and Jenia standing further away singing our hearts out to our band and our newly discovered second favorites, the Febs. Those kinds of memories will always stay with me when things get tough like they have lately.

Sometimes it’s harder then others to let those annoying moments go… It’s the little things, but they matter to me. I’m so excited though. In 3 and a half days I’ll be where I love being most and with two of my absolute favorite people.
You two make the whole thing worth while, the rest doesn’t matter.

“Never take it seriously, never get hurt. Never get hurt, always have fun.”


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