Remember When?


Remember when…
we waited for hours on end to get into a show
sometimes the weather was gorgeous
often it was cold or rainy and we didn’t know if it would be worth it
but it always was
remember how every moment mattered
whether it was the tiniest smile or wave
or song played
it was always important to us
remember the endless bus rides
the repeat road trips to random towns
the hours upon hours of driving
listening to music in the car
preparing ourselves for what was to come
remember sitting in fields waiting for it all to start
and spending god knows how long in the scorching sun
or bundled up in a blanket
or under an umbrella
remember the time it was about the music
and only about the music
because that’s all we were ever really there for
but we somehow got incredibly lucky
and met some amazing people
and somehow…
somehow we got lucky and found each other.


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