New Opportunities


After getting my job at CONFRONT magazine, I couldn’t quite imagine getting any other opportunities quite like it… at least not for a few years or without having more experience & school… but last night proved me wrong.
On a bit of a whim, I e-mailed Astral Media a couple months ago letting them know that I was interested in working on their promotional street team and to let me know if anything opened up. I kind of forgot about it until 2 weeks ago when I got an e-mail back offering me an interview time.
I ended up going downtown to the radio studios last night with Jenia who also got an interview on the same night as me. I think we were lucky that we picked such a random evening to go out because our “group” interview only turned out to be the two of us & two other people. We all got individual 10 minute interviews… and Jenia & I left the building pretty much with the guarantee of a position on the promotions team, starting next week!
I’m honestly so excited, I’m not even sure if it’s sunken in yet. It’s basically an internship with Astral Media, the biggest radio/media company in the country… I can’t believe it. The experience I’ll get is going to be amazing.

Besides my third job (and my 2nd non-paying one), there isn’t a whole lot else to tell right now. I’m keeping busy at work as much as possible while I’m still getting the hours. Life without shows is so completely opposite to what I’ve been used to for the last year or so that I hardly know what to do with myself when I’m not getting ready to road trip. I seriously can’t wait for our Ottawa trip in 6 days. It’s been a month since my last show but it honestly feels like much MUCH longer.

I’m also really looking forward to this weekend. I’ve got a pretty jam-packed Friday/Saturday/Sunday & somewhere between now and then I have to finish writing my article, clean my room and get a few other errands done.

The last thing I wanted to share today was this video:

Every time I think I’m okay without this part of my life consuming my days… a video blog pops up and reminds me just how much I miss the month of October. It was crazy, it was exhausting… but it was all about everything I love the most. God, I can’t wait for Ottawa in 6 days. Have I said that yet?!


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