11:11… Make a Wish


and we all wished we could just go back in time 24 hours…

These last couple days have been so amazing, I can’t believe it’s already all over. I literally haven’t been home in 2 and a half days & I’m beyond exhausted… but I’d re-do the whole Ottawa experience in a heart beat.

It all started on Tuesday, when I was done work I headed over to Jenia’s house. We had our first Astral Media event downtown which was a “test” to see if we were good for the position. Basically we spent an hour outside the Bell Center screaming HABS chants and CJAD chants that we made up on the spot, hoping to get as much attention as possible. People started recording us and taking pictures with us… It was really cool. Claudia, our boss, told us she completely loved our energy and would love to have us keep going with the team… so it’s official! We’re both Astral Media promotional interns!

After a small tour of the CHOM/CJAD/Virgin studios, Jenia & I raced to Dave’s house to catch the end of the game and play some Cranium before heading back to Jenia’s place to sleep. We WERE going to try and get a really nice good night’s rest for our road trip the next day… but we ended up staying awake until past 2am to watch the ‘ Dear Jack’ documentary.

It was basically a one hour long video on Andrew McMahon’s struggle with Leukemia which he documented very thoroughly. It was SO amazing & inspiring to watch. There were interviews with his family members, his sister Katie who saved his life, his wife (which happens to be an epic love story that made Jenia & I pause the movie to sob for a minute). I can’t wait for my copy to eventually show up… If it ever finds its way from Afghanistan to here. Who knows.

We finally got to bed and slept in the next morning before getting ready for Ottawa. We headed out with Laura and Jenn around 3:30 and within the first 15 minutes of driving we knew this road trip was going to be amazing. We literally BLARED music the entire way and sang like crazy to every song on the OTTAWA playlist.

We finally got to Athena’s house around 5:30 & headed to the venue from there. The six of us somehow managed to keep each other entertained at Subway until about 8pm when we finally headed to Mavericks for the show.

I didn’t pay much attention to the two opening bands but as soon as The Febs came on I remembered just how much I adore their music. They’re so incredibly talented and although I love these small & intimate shows, I can’t wait for more people to see just how amazing they are. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the entire world when they played ‘In Your Hands’ and the 6 of us linked arms and just swayed front row. It was amazing… no better words for it.

After the show we got to spend a very long time (but not long enough) catching up with the guys. It really sucks that we had to wait 6 months to see them again because they live in B.C… I can’t wait for them to go back on tour.

We didn’t get back to Athena’s before 4:30am… needless to say it was another almost sleepless night. But definitely worth it.

“so here is to my broken heart, here is to my love, to the good times and the bad times and all of the above.”


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