December, already?!


Time is flying by. It feels like it was just the summer, like the whole May experience was just beginning; my first, second, third times in Toronto were about to happen… Where has time gone!? Now we’re only 23 days away from Christmas ’09 and, even scarier, January 2010… a whole DECADE is about to finish in the millenium. Life is going too fast.

It honestly feels like I was just starting out high school and people were telling me to enjoy every moment because the older you get, the faster time goes. It’s funny because I laughed it off and just kept doing whatever I was doing. But these last few years… I’d re-live them in a HEARTBEAT. The people I’ve met, the memories we’ve mad & all the experiences I’ve gone through… Have been amazing.

Right now I’m incredibly excited for the weekend right before Christmas. December 19th is the Mackenzie First show at Underworld with four of my best friends, party at Fouf’s Christmas party just the five of us at Jenn’s house that night & probably a whole lot more. It’s going to be amazing.

Then hopefully on December 21st I’ll be interviewing The Used, one of my all time favorite teen bands for CONFRONT. That would be insane for me. Earlier this week Jenia and I went over to our editor’s house to learn more about how to post on the website so that we could take more responsibility, which is really awesome. I’m pretty sure the two of us don’t mind at all.

Also, my article on Mackenzie First is currently the cover of the magazine for the month of December. Check it out HERE

And last thing to mention… I’ll be in Mexico in less than TWO months. I got my bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding last night. It’s not nearly as bad as I imagined, which definitely makes me feel better about the whole thing. Now I just need to come up with all the money. We’ll see how that goes, along with the holidays right around the corner!


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