These last few days have been absolutely non-stop for me. I’ve hardly had time to sleep, let alone update & blog. Right now I should be wrapping the rest of my Christmas presents, but instead I’m listening to the 12 new albums I uploaded to my Itunes and reminiscing about the amazing last 3 days I’ve just had.

On Saturday I headed downtown with Jenia where we met up with Lisa, Laura & Jenn in our gorgeous hotel suite at the Best Westin (no, not Western… it’s some new edition hotel or something apparently… or is it the New Westin? I don’t remember). Anyway. it was probably the NICEST suite we’ve ever stayed in, and we’ve (somehow) stayed in a lot of different ones around our city. It’s what we do.

Jenn set up a mini Christmas tree and we put all of our 70 Christmas gifts under it. We had planned a small gift exchange… that’s what happend. We stayed in our room until about 5:45, getting ready and taking a lot of pictures. Then we took the metro a couple stops and headed to Underworld for the Mackenzie 1st/Commander Keen show. Like we usually do for Underworld shows, we settled into the Van Houtte across the street to grab a bite to eat first. Jenia and I headed to the venue around 6:15 for an interview with Commander Keen (aka the ex-members of The Hot Streak). We ended up staying to watch sound check which was happening as we got there… and then doors opened so we couldn’t go anywhere with the band. We ended up doing a quick little interview in the doorway with the three guys. We met back up with the rest of the girls afterwards and we all went back to Underworld for the show.

I was really impressed with the show, and to be honest, it was really nice to get back into the swing of things. I remember in October when it felt like I truly had an overdose of shows & I wanted to have a normal life for a while… well it’s been a while. And now I want to go back to how things used to be. I know that this past summer and the first couple months that followed (aka September & October) were something really special (6 months that I will never EVER forget)… but it’s time to try and save some money and miss a few good shows. Which sucks… but it happens.

Anyways, my point being that it was really nice to be in on an interview again & to dance to some good music with some of my favorite people. Afterwards we went across the street and hung out with a whole lot of awesome people. It was a night to hang out with good friends, forgive a few other friends & not really go to bed. I miss it a lot.

Later that day (when we woke up around 11am, after not very much sleep at ALL) we did our gift exchange. The girls got me some really cute gifts & we’ve officially decided to make it a tradition. Mini Christmas tree and all. Oh, and the jumping into the huge pile of wrapping paper is going to be part of that tradition too.

Yesterday after work, I dragged Jenia back downtown with me because it was finally my interview with The Used. Although I was already really exhausted from my weekend I still managed to be plenty nervous before the interview. Luckily I was okay just in time to meet two guys from one of my all time favorite Punk bands. It’s still really weird for me to think that 5 years ago I was in love with their first 2 records, and now I interviewed them and am getting ready to write an article about them. Life’s crazy.

I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t one of my most exciting interviews. I don’t know if it’s because I had them so hyped up in my mind that them being so normal made it less exciting… but it was definitely a really cool experience. One of the best things about this year was getting my job at CONFRONT. I’ve been given the chance to interview a lot of really cool bands and meet a lot of really amazing people and it’s all thanks to that. I hope that 2010 is no different.

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