So one of my 101 goals in the next 1,001 days (view post below) is to create a quote book. I have NO idea how well that’s going to work because, let’s face it, there’s way too much that I want to see in it. BUT I’m going to start by posting some of my most memorable quotes here when I get the chance so I can refer back to when the time comes to put this whole thing together.

Part One: Favorite quotes from my trip to Cuba, March 2009

Who I went with: Jenia, Agnes, James, Katlynne, Alex, Rob, Kate

Jenia: Agnes, can you give me the blanket from the fridge?

Kate: Drinking is like a highway. 70km/h you’re feeling it, 100 km/h you’re happy, 110km/h you’re doing good, 150km/h you’re plastered and 170km/h you’re puking!

Alex to Kate: Hey, hey, slutty person

Jenia (admiring her tan): I’m one tan away from changing races!

Melissa: I’d like a sex on the beach
Bartender: Right now? *winks*

Alex: Last time someone tickled me, they got kicked in the face…
Gang: JAMES!
James: … it really hurt!

Kate discussing Alex coming to find everyone: “You know him, he runs from everywhere to everywhere…”

Alex: I’m insulted that you’re insulted by my insult!

Melissa: Anyone have Kleenex?
Alex: Check Jenia’s bra

Rob: “Guys there’s a party going on in my pants!!!”
Agnes: “My RSVP is No…”

Jenia:”*taking the first shower* MELISSA! I’m christening the shower!”
Mel:”What? Christian?!”
Jenia:”Noo christen the shower”
Mel:”Why is christian in the shower?”


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