Like The Good Old Days


I’m quickly writing a little post before heading downtown with Jenia, Laura, Lis & the guys for tonight’s show. I just wanted to mention how insanely happy I am with the people in my life right now.

Last night was the first time in… too long- that I hung out with James, Agnes, Alex and Jenia all together. And then Katlynne joined and it was practically like we were getting ready to go back to Cuba.

James & I hung out in the morning together and I got him into the Big Bang Theory (James, I love you… but the fact that you could predict the jokes coming in that show… makes you very special <3)

Around 3 or so Agnes & Jenia joined us and we played Loaded Questions (Adult Version), but we took the game and just made our own rules. (We really just wanted to answer all the naughty questions HAHA). When we got bored of playing we made our way to the grocery store and cooked dinner at my place. We had everything ready by the time Alex showed up after work and we all hung out together, (like back in the Summer of ’08 when it was just always the five of us together… pracatically every day) And I can honestly say that I missed the five of us together a lot.

I wish we had more time to spend with each other like that because no matter how much time goes by we all kinda fit together.

Anyway- finally Katlynne came over at 9pm or so and we pulled out Agnes’ game ‘Dirty Minds’ (we were all about those naughty games yesterday, apparently) and, making up some of our own rules to make it more interesting, we managed to entertain ourselves with that game for nearly 2 and a half hours. Jenia & I ALMOST won (well, we were leading for the ENTIRE game, because apparently we are very open minded adults, according to the game box) but Katlynne and James won at the end.

We ended the night eating more chocolate & sitting around my table just talking. It was just really nice to see that with some people, things never change.


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