So Much To Say


I can’t believe it’s already Friday afternoon… I have absolutely no idea where this week has gone. I’ve been meaning to update since I got home 2 days ago from my trip to Burlington but I honestly haven’t had 5 minutes to actually write.

My trip was so much fun, though (and it also gave me the chance to cross off #46 on my 101 in 1,001 goals list.) We crossed the border into the States around 11:30AM on Monday morning & drove straight to Mel’s cottage in St. Albans which is just outside of Vermont and Burlington. Since her family doesn’t spend much time there in the winter the heat & water were both off so when we dropped off all our stuff we turned on the heat and brought in our water jugs (we couldn’t turn the water on in case the pipes froze after we left)

It was SO cold in the cottage- probably colder inside then out- so we left right away and drove to get some food and some afternoon shopping done. After shopping for a couple hours and spending some quality time in the Kid’s section at Barnes & Noble and meeting a Lego version of Harry Potter, we headed to a restaurant called The Outback for dinner. It was SO cheap but so good. I love the prices in the States, really.

We were really tired after the long day since we’d all been up around 7AM, so we drove back to the cottage to relax before bed. We tried to play this old game called Lie, Cheat & Steal but failed MISERABLY. So we pulled out Clue and played 2 rounds of that… Tania and I were hysterical at Mel’s super intense game-face. Don’t mess around with her. When we got bored of the game, we watched Mean Girls, talked about how Lindsay Lohan’s life has gone down the drain, and then we all went to bed.

On Tuesday we woke up around 10am and got ready really quickly for another day of shopping…. the rest of the day is mostly a blur of spending money on really intense sales. We shopped ALL day. We went to to Church Street & visited Borders bookstore where I got my free membership card (I’m a traitor to my own workplace, sorry Chapters) and then we spent a few hours in the mall that was on that street. I couldn’t believe the deals I was getting… and Mel felt the need to tell every single sales person we met that we were from Montreal & this was really exciting for us.

After spending all the possible money we had, we drove to the Olive Garden for a nice last dinner together. We were all really excited to have leftover healthy food to bring back home with us too, since we didn’t have any working appliances at the cottage. We got back pretty early to St. Albans… and I think we MEANT to play some more games and have a good time, but we’d actually completely worn ourselves out from shopping. It’s an incredibly exhausting activity when done repeatedly day after day, it seems. We ended up curling up on the couches by the heater and talking for about 4 hours… by around Midnight our conversation somehow came to the Big Bang Theory and we all wanted to watch an episode so I pulled out my laptop and we watched an ep before heading to bed. I fell asleep almost right away & didn’t wake up until almost 11am the next day.

The three of us standing on Church street – Thanks random person for taking this picture!

Me & Mel at the Olive Garden restaurant

Tania & I at the Olive Garden restaurant

We slowly packed all our things on Wednesday morning and went to visit a few more stores before coming home. We really didn’t mean to spend any more money, but we actually all fell in love with the exact same purse but in different colors. So… we all bought one.

I got home around 4PM on Wednesday afternoon, and although I was happy to have a flushing toilet & my shower back, I missed the country right away.

I had to sift through over a hundred emails (God love you Facebook…) and now it’s back to the real world and work. I’ve been living at Chapters for the past 2 days, and tonight (FRIDAY NIGHT…) I have to stay home and write a 2,000 word article on The Used for the Magazine. I must really love what I do, because all I can think of right now is curling up in bed with a good book.

Speaking of books. I just finished City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and surprisingly REALLY loved it…. and I’m really looking forward to starting City of Ashes, the 2nd book in the trilogy. I know this post is becoming really ADD, but that’s just what happens when I don’t have time to write for a week & I’m actually busy doing things.  I can’t remember the last time I had this much to do and none of it included going to shows. It’s so strange.

Anyways, tomorrow morning I’m leaving again for the rest of the weekend with the girls. Kate, Selina, Agnes & I are spending all of Saturday and part of Sunday together. Then on Sunday night it’s my Chapters staff party.

Looks like I won’t have much time to breathe for the next few days. Just how I like it.


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