day 7 [project 365]


Last night my mom went to my grandmother’s house for the first time by herself since she passed away. She came home with a small gift that my grandma had hidden in one of her drawers… and I guess never got around to give to me. This card was inside.

She didn’t leave anyone else anything quite like this. It was really, a very interesting kind of gift from the grave, as my mother called it. It made me smile, after the terrible day I had last night. It’s nice to know that through everything she put my family through, she really did care for me (and all of us, I expect) she just had trouble showing it sometimes.


My day today has been a LOT better then yesterday (after my lovely rant). I more or less fixed things at work. I couldn’t stand the drama. Tomorrow is my last day of the work week before having a day to completely relax and SLEEP. Oh, and catch up on all the TV I’ve been saving on my laptop. Which is making it lag… and I don’t like that.

Besides that, the OFFICIAL countdown for Mexico has begun. 10 days (VERY soon to be 9) and I’ll be on the beach, sipping a pina colada… Definitely not freezing my feet off like I am right now, thank you very much.

Now I’m off to bed. It’s way past my bedtime and I need to wake up extra early for work tomorrow…. yayyy…



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