day 8 [project 365]


Today after work, I got to spend the afternoon/evening with one of my bestest friends, Agnes (who happens to be sitting with me right now & reading this as I type it. hah)

My mom actually took this picture of the two of us. She took 2 – but I absolutely loved this one because the two of us are HYSTERICAL. My mom spent about 5 minutes trying to take the picture, but didn’t tell us to hold on a sec or anything so we were literally just posed & waiting… and we BURST into laughter right after. I missed spending time with this girl ♥

We decided to go out for dinner at Madison’s where we met up with my mom for a realllyyyy quick supper… and then we went to see a movie that we both REALLY wanted to check out: The Lovely Bones.

It’s been a while since I read this book so I didn’t exactly have any high hopes for the movie (not to mention it was already in the bottom theater, after just one week)… but it definitely had me tearing up at a few points. I don’t think I’ll ever watch a movie based on a book that I’ve read and EVER like it more… but I did mostly like the interpretation  (minus Dora The Explorer AKA one of Susie Salmon’s friends from heaven, who popped up and a few really trippy scenes that I definitely did not understand).

Overall, definitely read  the book over seeing the movie… But if you’re looking for 2 hours of entertainment, I wouldn’t say to NOT go see the movie.

But it was nice to spend the night with you, Agnes :)… We need to do this more often.


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    • Oh, nooo haha. not ACTUALLY Dora… Did you see the movie, though? There’s this girl who greets Susie (the girl who dies) when she gets to Heaven & she reminded me and my friend SO much of Dora with her accent and the way she laughed… that we nicknamed her that… she was just a REALLY weird actress choice for that character, I had never imagined her that way. That’s all! haha

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