I’m Slipping Into The Airwaves…


So many things to say today.

First of all, and maybe MOST importantly. GUESS WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY? Part two of my package which was originally sent to Afghanistan but that got re-sent to the right country… and then eventually to me.


If the importance of this poster’s arrival is not clear enough before right now, let’s just put it this way. If I had the chance to meet any ONE person on this entire planet that is living right now… it would be him. Over the years I’ve become a lot less starstruck by musicians because of my job with CONFRONT & the amount of shows I go to… but my total and complete awe/adoration for this man will NEVER change. He’s so amazing.

Okay. Number two on my list of things to share… is about the weather today. Now this isn’t usually such a big deal to me… but when scientists want to trace the origins of global warming in Canada they can refer to this post right here. Because it’s the middle of January in Canada. There should be like 12 feet of snow (exaggeration…) and it should be like -30 degrees or something. It always is.

Today’s weather?

And that was as of lunchtime. Yep. Not that I’m complaining about it- I’m just saying that my great grand kids or my great-great grand kids are going to be upset when they find out it all started out in my generation, this whole global warming phenomenon. We’re setting up future generations for a lot of problems.

Lastly for today…

My picture for Day 11 of Project 365:

I missed hanging out with the girls. Jenia, me, Jenn, Laura & Lisa all met up today at the Forum downtown (where we got to meet our lovely friend in the picture above) and then headed to Guido & Angelina’s for a quick dinner. We cheers-ed to me leaving the country at the end of this week and to hopefully an awesome night out on Friday.

And this picture? Kind of sums up who we are and what we do to keep ourselves busy when we’re together. Ask my mother – crazy doesn’t even begin to describe us. Also, we make friends everywhere we go (as clearly pointed out in this picture. Yes I do know he’s not real. But he was good company anyway.)


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  1. Oh, man. And here I was crying about thirty-degree weather here in Florida! And now I’m crying because it was 46 today when I woke up! LOL…I couldn’t handle that. My body is just not equipped to deal with cold weather.

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