you had your chance


These last two days have gone by SO fast. And i’m pretty thankful about that- except that they’ve literally given me no time to write about what’s been going on because A) I’ve been lazy B) really quite tired and C) sorta kinda busy.

First… Here is yesterday’s picture, DAY 14 of Project 365:

I had completely forgotten that I grabbed this picture from my grandmother’s house the day I went over! I had been so excited & happy about finding it… and then I set it aside until I came across it sitting in my jewelry box.

The picture is of my mother, at approximately age 20-23 (She is now almost 58)

And the reason I chose to share it during this project, is because I am really truly in love with this picture of her. She told me, when I asked her about it, that during the 70’s she was a model and this was one of her pictures (she didn’t specify what it was for though)

The same day that I discovered this picture, I found quite a few other really beautiful ones of my mom. I always knew that she had kind of been a model back in the day, but I still just love looking at this picture and at the woman my mother was before she ever had children. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your parents had lives before you were born… and this shot of my mom reminds me of a piece of her past that was actually really cool and filled with some really fun adventures. It inspires me to hopefully do more in my 20’s, the way she did. Not only was she a model, but she traveled EVERYWHERE, she moved to Florida for almost a decade (which is when she had my brother)… and yeah, anyways. Basically, my mom is one of the coolest people I know, and I really wanted to remind myself of that when I look back on Project 365 sometime.

Second, here is today’s picture, DAY 15 of Project 365:

You can’t really tell in the picture because of my really awesome packing skills… but there is a LOT of clothes bunched up on those two edges of my suitcase. It’s not too hard to figure out why I took this picture today… I LEAVE TOMORROW NIGHT FOR MEXICO. No big deal. (But actually BIG deal. HELLO. Mexico!)

I’m honestly so excited to leave Canada right now. Today’s probably been one of the coldest days of the Winter season… it’s actually so cold that it physically hurts to be outside. Everything about this weather is crappy. I might have almost cried on my way to work, waiting outside. It wasn’t even because I was completely frozen, but because the cold actually made me feel like I might die at the bus stop. No jokes here.

BUT, back to the lovely photo… That would be my suitcase half-ready to go tomorrow. I still need to shower & get ready before putting away all my hair/body products… and then I’ll be all set. I should be okay for luggage limits… but I definitely packed the clothes on top of one another. IT’S HARD TO CHOOSE what you’ll want to wear every day for 7 days. Also… Who knows with the crazy weather around this world.

And just for fun… here are some other pictures that I took while I was getting ready this afternoon to leave:

I might be really excited about listening to music on the beach. If you hadn’t noticed. 320 of the best songs on my Itunes right there. NBD.

I’ve been trying to pack a small purse & my carry-on for the last 15 minutes. I can’t pick what’s going where. My bed’s a mess with things that I NEED in Mexico. (YES. I need the 82308 different lip glosses on my bed. And more, thank you.)

Oh yeah. And on the topic of purses and whatnot, here’s the NEW ONE (YAY new purse!) that I bought for my trip. Nine West. 25 bucks. Just sayin’.

That’s all I have for today! Now I’m going to go eat cereal for dinner and maybe watch a few shows and really hopefully finish the book on my nightstand so I can start a new one on Sunday at the beach. I just have to pick which 3 books are coming with me, and I’ll reallyyy be all set. 48 HOURS TIL THE BEACH!!


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