My Trip to Mexico, 2010


The last week of my life has been… amazing. One week in Mexico with 45 friends & family, and my brother’s wedding to a really fantastic girl who I am insanely proud to now call my family.

Just a little side note… I’ve chosen 8 pictures for this post that I think best represent my trip as a whole… since I don’t quite remember day to day & I needed my pictures for Project 365, I’ll be using these ones!

My trip actually didn’t start out too well at all. My family rented out 3 hotel rooms on the night of the 30th to the 31st and we decided that since we needed to be at the airport at 3:45AM, we would just pull an all-nighter and either sleep on the plane or once we got to the beach. Instead, we ordered food from this take-out place affiliated with the hotel around 1:45AM, JUST before it closed at 2 because we were all completely starved. I devoured a club sandwich without a second thought to it. Then, around 2:30, everyone decided “let’s sleep for half an hour!” which was probably the worst idea on this entire planet… because I only fell asleep for about 15 minutes before I had to wake up & get to the airport.

I got through customs alright and all of that, but just as we all sat down at our gate to wait for our boarding, I got sick. And I mean… really sick. Guess what happened? Yup, food poisoning. I hadn’t even LEFT MY COUNTRY yet, and I was struck with food poisoning… something I’ve NEVER had before. You can guess how torturous my plane right to Mexico was. The picture below represents a mix of the lack of sleep on January 30th & January 31st. Since I didn’t actually take any pictures on the night I left, I thought this one worked best:

We got to our hotel around 2PM, and by this point I was so completely drained, I physically could not hold myself up anymore. I was dragged to my bedroom where I completely passed out. I did not move until the next day at 6:30AM, when I was almost completely recovered from an ordeal that I will never, ever forget. Unfortunately.

Needless to say, my trip was one day less then everyone else. I mostly remember the details in a bit of a dream-state.

The second day though, I enjoyed it like crazy. Once I was up at 6:30AM, I did not go back to sleep. I wanted to see EVERYTHING on the resort. And let me tell you, it was huge. HUGE. The beach was like a 10+ minute walk from my room, and that wasn’t even leaving the resort. Once you got to the beach, you did not go back to your room for anything. The ocean was BEAUTIFUL. I stayed there all day, without eating very much, but I certainly enjoyed the sun like I’d never seen it before. I was just glad to be alive and well enough to be where I was.

Although I actually ended up LOSING weight on vacation (maybe due to my stomach never quite recovering from its’ terrifying ordeal) the food wasn’t half bad. We ate at the buffet at first, but then we wanted to try some of the A La Carte restaurants. My favorite one was the Tapas restaurant, which is where the picture of my mom & I above was taken. The rice pudding that night was my absolutely favorite thing to eat.

There were probably something like 10 pools across the resort, but all of us spent most of our time at the beach, in the same area (our chair were never moved, woo hoo!) We spent hours upon hours each day lazing in the sun, talking, sometimes reading or listening to music. The picture kind of sums up what a good portion of our days would look like. This isn’t even all of us- but we’d all turn our chairs to face the sun and each other, and just talk talk talk. I miss everyone so much.

On Wednesday, we decided it was time that we get a little bit productive. Everyone that had arrived to the resort to that day decided to go to Rio De Secreto. Basically, it was a guided tour through underground caverns that had been naturally created thousands of years ago. We got to see some of the most pure, clear water you could ever imagine, and even swim in it. We were all separated into smaller groups because there were no lights or anything down there. A photographer followed us around and took pictures of our group at designated areas which we could buy once the tour was over. It was such a once in a lifetime experience that my group decided to buy ours. The picture I chose is one of the few of my whole group down in the caves, all decked out in our awesome wetsuit gear. I wish I had space in this post to share more of the pictures, because they are truly spectacular.

The following night, a couple of us younger people decided it was time to explore the city a little. We hopped a taxi-van and went to Playa Del Carmen, a little downtown area in Mexico filled with local shops, vendors, etc. We didn’t get to stay for very long because we had to go back for dinner, but I got to buy a few really cute souvenirs for myself & I got to see what Mexico really looked like off the resort. It was cool to see how urban it was. In the past, countries I’ve visited have been very poor and communist (AKA Cuba), so it was fun to go around and blend in just a little bit (besides the fact that we did technically stick out as tourists, snapping ridiculous pictures kissing frogs… hah!)

On Friday, it was the wedding. Four bridesmaids, four groomsmen, and one absolutely gorgeous couple. I’m so happy to call V my sister-in-law & to have been part of their special day. Being up there, at the altar, witnessing their vows of love was amazing. Yeah, I cried. I tried giving a speech at the dinner, but I am so exceptionally terrified of public speaking that I froze up a little. It made everyone so emotional that it made me emotional and I cried again. My one and only brother, the guy that helped raise me, there he was starting his very own family. I was, in all irony, speechless for my speech.

The following day, Saturday, was our last full day in Mexico. We all woke up and went to the beach ALL day. I mean, literally all day. We’d spent our days at the beach more or less all week, but this day we were there from like 10AM until 5PM or something. I took a walk along the beach with two of the other ladies and we did a bit of a photo session so that we could remember what it all looked like when we came home to the cold.

We walked all the way down the shoreline & talked and reminisced about the wedding. We even ran into the wedding photographer, who I swear I wanted to pack up in my suitcase and bring home because he was such a freaking sweetheart. He was SO involved in the wedding and he adored all of us. He came up to us and told us how much he adored us and started taking pictures of us in the ocean and told us he’d miss us when we left. It was kind of fun to meet such nice people away from home and leave them with such an impression.

On Sunday, we had to wake up at 6:30AM to go home. We all met up in the lobby, had a small breakfast and packed on the bus for 7:30AM to head to the airport. When I’m not sick, I adore flying. It’s a little bit terrifying, in the sense that you’re just so high up, but I love lift-off. I didn’t get to enjoy it when I was sick because I was only semi-conscious, so I took a few shots from the plane on the way home; one last look at Mexico and at the ocean I was leaving behind.

I was definitely not ready to go home. I got to spend a week with 40 amazing people and it’s very strange being home and having enough time to write this blog without getting a call to go for a drink, or even just forgetting about the internet all together and blaring music on the beach.

It was definitely the coolest, most memorable way to celebrate a wedding.

I’m ready to hop a plane to another exotic location right now! Who’s in?!


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