all this time… it kills me


I’ve only been home for 3 days from Mexico, but things are slowly falling back into a normal routine. I’m slowly catching up on life. Being away from the internet for 8-9 days and just relaxing with nothing to worry about really made me forget how fast paced my life back home was… Especially the online world. I just can’t seem to keep up right now, especially working every day until late in the evening.

Here’s a random shot that I took walking along the resort in Mexico. One of the many pools/jacuzzis/bars/buffets

The only music I’ve been listening to since I’ve been home has been my BEACH MUSIC playlist that I made right before leaving. I had some of those songs on repeat all day in the sun, and listening to them now reminds me of those lazy days by the ocean. I miss it a lot.

Anyway, since I’ve been home, not much has actually been going on. The biggest thing right now that I completely seriously put on the back burner is applying back into school for September. I really need to do that in the next few days… The March 1st deadline is coming really quickly.

Here are my last few pictures for Project 365.

Day 25

My first day back at work I was still really pumped to start learning Spanish. After my week in Mexico with an entire family that speaks the language (AKA my sister-in-law’s family), I really want to be able to communicate with them. Even MY mom and brother can speak it… and I know a lot of secrets go on, so it’s time for me to catch up!

Anyway, so on Monday at work I bought this All-In-One IPOD study guide to start learning Spanish. I’m slowly learning a few words and basic sentences each day and I’m going to try really hard not to lose my motivation. Oh, and did I mention it’s one of my 101 in 1,001 goals, to learn Spanish? So I really need to get on that if I want to speak it properly enough to cross it off at the end of my 1,001 days!

Day 26

Yesterday, I think I finally finished completely unpacking and getting settled back into my things. I didn’t shop very much in Mexico, but here’s a picture of the souvenirs I brought home for myself. Some of them were even gifts from other people I went with! Have I mentioned how much I miss my trip, yet?! Yeah, I think I have.

Anyways. I’ve got to go get ready for work, again. Another long day ahead, and all I want to do is get my school stuff started. I guess that’ll just have to wait for my day off tomorrow!


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  1. One of my goals for my 101 in 1,001 is to spend an entire weekend unplugged from it all. And this post actually makes me EXCITED to get away from all things electronic and center my mind. While I love, love, love the Internet and blogging and Twitter…it’s also good to get away from it all and back to the heart of being a human.

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