Thank god for days off. Sometimes, one just isn’t enough… but this week I’ll take what I can get. I slept until almost noon. I watched TV. I blared music. It was fantastic.

There isn’t a whole lot else going on, so for now I’ve got a few more Project 365 pics to share:

day 27

Yesterday (as you may remember in my last post) I remembered that I need to re-apply to school. As if I didn’t stress enough about it at this time LAST year… I have to fork out the 100$ application fee AGAIN and go through the whole waiting game… AGAIN. But, I’m almost ready to send my application. Yesterday it was a super stressful situation, today I’ve more or less got it under control.

day 28 (AKA today! I’m back on track here!)

So tonight I went over to my brother’s in-laws (holy crap, I can officially say in-laws!) because it was his father-in-laws’ birthday. We had a small close-family get together, the usual. Except the usual in my family is often quite strange. We’re not the most average family… if you hadn’t noticed from past posted pictures. Anyway, what started off with me harmlessly carrying along my camera to snap a few shots of the family at a birthday dinner turned into this huge photo session (I’m serious, like.. 20 pictures) of my brother holding a tiny cat toy ( a mouse, specifically) in different corners of the camera shot and me or someone else taking pictures of another family member with the mouse hiding somewhere in the shot.

The picture above is what started it all. My brother came to stand next to me and said something along the lines of “Ooooh, let’s take a funny picture! DONT GET ME IN THE SHOT THOUGH” hence his ‘don’t get me in the shot’ face. The picture had me hysterical, and led to those other 20 pictures being taken. Yeah, we’re kind of special like that, no big deal.

Okay, bedtime.

Oh no wait, I’m still not done sharing Mexico pictures… Let’s post one more, to end this post on a happy & reminiscent note:

The bridesmaids, just before walking down the aisle!

God, I miss my vacation.


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