the best part of me, was always you<3


A friend of mine posted a blog with a cover of the song Breakeven by The Script, so I decided to listen to the original and I’m totally in love with it.

In other news:

a) I got accepted this morning to University! (AGAIN!) Okay, so it’s not nearly as exciting as last year because I was already a student at this school, but they made me pay for a new application because I wanted to switch programs. Since I didn’t take any classes at all this year, I had to do the whole process over again and fork up the 150$ application fee AGAIN.
BUT. I did it. I’m officially a student again, this time in my program of choice. Well, my choice for now. I know I’m probably going to switch after a year and go into Communications or something like that… but for now I am going to Major in Psychology and Minor in Professional Writing. I’m so excited to get back into school!

b) Probably not nearly as important as my future… but I was at work today having dinner & I decided that I’m REALLY tired of eating frozen meals. It’s practically all I bring to work, unless I treat myself to food from a restaurant nearby. That can’t even be healthy. I’m seriously debating finishing up the ones in my freezer so they don’t go to waste and then just not ever having another frozen meal ever again. That’s just how sick of them I am. Also, they’re not remotely good for you or very filling. Every time I get home from work I’m starved… as if I hadn’t eaten at all throughout the day or night.

Day 33

Today’s Project 365 picture is the food I made for myself when I got home from work today. Okay, it doesn’t LOOK that good in the pic, but it was a whole lot better then the frozen dinner I had 4 hours earlier.

I really need to start eating better. Another New Years’ Resolution, perhaps?!


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  1. Haha, but, as I’m sure you’ve realised, “Breakeven” is one of those songs that sounds so wonderful and happy, but actually talks about the injustice in a break up. But their ENTIRE album is so catchy (albeit VERY pop rock) and it’s actually pretty rare that I like every single track on an album.

    Eating better doesn’t have to be tough, just get into the routine and you’ll actually end up LOVING it! If time is an issue you can always make a massive batch of something, freeze the rest and eat it every other day or something. Also, stir fries are SO fast, so easy, so variable and nutritious 😀

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