4 Words: Thank God For Itunes.


I don’t know where I would be right now without my Itunes & my Ipod. I’m so used to going to atleast one show a month and getting lost in the real, live music- going months on end without that satisfaction is driving me crazy.

You know that saying, be careful what you wish for because it just might come true? Well, I’m constantly being reminded of how much truth there is behind it. Every single time I really wish for something… it always comes true x10. Take this whole “I want to live life normally for a little while” wish that I had back in October. I remember sitting in the Bronson Center in Ottawa on October 23rd ’09- the last really big show I’ve been to- and being excited to not have any other concerts lined up.

Josh from Mariana’s Trench singing to the fans in Ottawa on Oct 23rd

I know this has been the subject of many posts in the last few months. But today it really hit me when I was having a conversation with Jenia about it. I miss my life. I miss bands coming to Montreal and getting excited with friends about the night. I miss getting ready with the girls. I miss road trips… my god, do I miss road trips. Last summer was all about driving or taking a bus to somewhere – anywhere – that was hosting a show, and being part of it. Mostly though, I just miss the music. The more shows I go to the more I realize how nothing at all compares to a live show. Nothing will ever come close to the feeling of being in the same room as an artist that you love and are seeing perform with all their passion and emotions out for everyone to see.

Thank God for my Itunes & my Ipod. Seriously.


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