10 Things: Week 4


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last Sunday night. It was an amazing & historic event for Canada, and it made our whole country feel incredibly united. It was amazing to feel like I was a part of that.

The torch relay

2. Working the March Break events this week at Chapters. Yeah, I was stressed out of my mind ALL week. Yeah, I mostly didn’t sleep because there were so many preparations to make. But the events are so much fun and you meet all these amazing kids. Plus, it’s a really nice change from the usual. Working in the kids’ department = most stressful but most fun you’ll have at my job.

Me & my new friend Kieran. We made a golden retriever out of pipe cleaners!

3. Getting my shift replaced on Tuesday (last minute plans, yay!) and heading downtown with Jenia to see The New Cities busking for change, for War Child. So many people showed up to support them and sing along with them… It was really amazing. And on that note, I’m so incredibly happy and proud of these guys. They got nominated for a JUNO this year. I wish I could tell you how emotional and proud I was to hear that. a JUNO?! If I had told them that 2 years ago, they would have laughed in my face. But they still deserve every ounce of success. So congrats, boys.

The New Cities busking for change. This wasn’t even half the crowd who showed up.

4. Finishing that crazy/weird story for work for yesterday’s March Break event. It took 8 hours, and it was probably really unnecessary to put so much effort into it just so that the event would work out… But Mel C. & I had so much fun putting it together. Long evenings spent in my kitchen listening to Virgin Radio, drinking hot chocolate and laughing about everything, as usual. Oh and did I mention we got paid to do that?

The Adventures of Silly Billy & Jolly Holly. Coloring pages and all.

5. Getting the confirmation/go ahead for the Benefit Concert that Jenia, me & Agnes are planning. We need to sit down and plan a LOT of things out, but now that we have the OKAY to move on with it from the one person we really needed it from, I’m happy as HELL. This Benefit Concert is going to kick serious ass.

6. Spending an evening away from my computer this week. Okay, so I kept my blackberry (crackberry?) 2 feet away from me at all times, but it was so nice to cuddle up on my couch and get lost in a book again. I need to do that more often.

7. Prepping for interviews again. God, I missed that kind of work. So my Barenaked Ladies’ interview was postponed until next week because the guys are in L.A, but it’s still 100% happening and I had a good time researching a group that’s been around for 2 decades and trying to figure out what would be most important to ask them. Also, I downloaded their 10 album discography to re-live the ‘You could be my Yoko Ono’ & ‘If I had one million dollars’ days.

I’d eat that. Yummy.

8. Sleeping in today. Oh, I love sleep. sleep sleep sleep! I hardly remembered what it felt like. Then, when I woke up… I just stayed in bed for an extra hour. It felt amazing.

9. Today’s haircut day! I love getting my hair done. As a matter of fact, I’m leaving in just an hour and a half to do it and I’m hoping that it’ll make me feel all good and refreshed. Hair cuts make me very happy indeed 🙂

10. Last but certainly not least, Hedley released the music video for their song ‘Perfect’ today. It’s probably in my top 3 favorites off their newest album. Jake a) looks amazing in this video and b) this song makes me want to cry every time I hear it. But it makes me happy anyway, somehow.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. I love sleep, too! I slept in ’til 12 today which was DIVINE! I don’t remember sleeping in like that in weeks. It was so needed.

    And whoa, you’re interviewing the Barenaked Ladies? I have so many family members who are HUGE fans of them. That’s pretty huge, lady. Congrats!

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