just say there’s nothing holding you back


The newest Snow Patrol song, ‘Just Say Yes’ is currently playing on the radio & the singer just said the words that I put as my blog title, which couldn’t be more fitting for EXACTLY what I wanted to blog about.

Snow Patrol… Come back soooonnn! Montreal misses you ❤

I want to get back into blogging more regularly. I miss posting every day with Project 365. I think I’m going to start it again.

I also need to keep track of which goals on my 101 I’m doing right now… Because on Friday I was starving and went to McDonalds- and right after eating it remembered I was 3 weeks into my “no eating fast food for 3 months” goal… So, starting that one over.

Lastly, I really want to get back into reading MORE. I have so many books lined up that I’m incredibly excited to read… but I can only find 15 minutes a day to read. Books are piling up way too quickly in my bookshelves. Oh and did I mention I need to read 101 books?! I really  need to get on that.

Bookshelf #1: It’s all double stacked. I’m pretty sure half of these books are on my “to-read” list

Bookshelf #2: Luckily most of these have been read. Oh and it’s much cleaner then the last one which is hiding in my closet…

What else is going on:

– Today I’m working until 5:30 and then I’m heading downtown for a concert!

– The Apprentice started back up last night… I’m downloading it as we speak and I couldn’t be MORE excited. That show is my guilty pleasure, for sure. You should have seen me a couple years ago walking into Trump Tower in NYC for the first time. I nearly passed out of delirious-ness.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 AKA The Apprentice Season 9

A horribly terribly picture of me in Trump Tower back in… 2008? God, I need to go back to NYC already.


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  1. Ah, The Apprentice. I love that show. The drama is fantastic. The catfights are hilarious. And the money raised is amazing. I’m so excited with this season…especially with Curtis Stone. Gahhh…he’s adorable!

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