10 Things: Week 6


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Okay, I think this post is going to be really hard to write. I don’t know if I did 10 things this week worth putting in this post. I’ll definitely try though. Let’s see how this goes.

1. Last Saturday I went to the Sugar Shack with my family & all their close friends. In total we were about 60 people, and it was totally amazing! I didn’t take any pictures because I was literally so emotional about seeing everyone from my Mexico trip that it didn’t even cross my MIND.I love everything about the Sugar Shack: the fact that it’s breakfast food all day, the yummy maple syrup on snow, the random dancing they have in the middle of the afternoon… It’s what March is all about here in Montreal!

2. On Monday after a really long day at work, I went downtown and met up with a bunch of friends for dinner. Then we all walked for an hour until we got to Sala Rossa & we watched some bands perform and overall just had a good time hanging out. Jenn, Jenia & I also had a really nice moment doing merch for Mackenzie 1st and we’re all really excited to be doing it again very, very soon at a way more awesome show.

3. Somewhere in my week I managed to finish the book I was reading- which trust me, was an accomplishment- and I practically finished a second one too! I like picking up the reading pace. I’ve got too many books to read and not enough time! I’m currently about to finish a really good book too, called the Ghost & the Goth. It’s this hilarious book about the super popular girl at school who ends up dying & a goth guy who sees dead people… and how they meet and help each other. It’s a hilarious and fun read.

4. The beautiful weather this week! Okay, so I haven’t enjoyed very much of it, but just today I went for a walk and it was absolutely gorgeous. Too bad it’s supposed to snow next week…

5. Last night I finally finished writing up all the proposals and contracts I had to do for the bands we want to hire for our benefit concert. It was a huge accomplishment for me because I never imagined that I would be able to understand all that lawyer lingo (aka the contracts)… but it’s really coming together (on paper now too!)… Now all we need are some bands to say they’re willing to play!

6. The new season of Celebrity Apprentice started up this week! WOO HOO! Cyndi Lauper is pretty much my new favorite person. I seriously LOVE that show. What a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m really not into reality TV at all but it’s really awesome to see all the money they raise.

7. Yesterday was my day off for the week and I had a really, really lazy day. By lazy, I mean I canceled my appointment with Trebas (and by cancel, I mean I didn’t show up) I know, super irresponsible of me. Why does this make me happy? Well it doesn’t really because I do want to go to the school… but I got tons of other stuff done from home (like LAUNDRY OMG CLEAN CLOTHES YAY!) I also really love spending days at home.

8. I also finally finished transcribing my BNL interview… I hate transcribing so I’m incredibly happy that’s done. Now all I have left to do is write the 2 thousand word article to go along with it, woo hoo!

9. Today I had an amazing day at work. It’s REALLY rare these days because I’m usually so freaking bored out of my mind. But today was really fun. I had a bunch of customers come in looking for me because they’d finished books I recommended and needed something else. I got to hang out with them and just talk about books for hours, it was fantastic. 8 hours never went by so fast!

10. My brother & my sister-in-law ended up coming over for dinner tonight, which was really fun. It’s been a long, LONG time since we had dinner just us and my mom and I’m always hysterical when dinner includes my brother and my mother at the same table. My family is a complete riot!

I did it! I thought of 10 things! I’m quite proud of myself. That actually took me a while to think about. I really need to do more with my week that makes me happy. It shouldn’t be this hard to think of 10 things in one week!

I actually want to pick up a book called The Happiness Project at work, about this exact topic. The journey of a woman who wanted to find her happiness. Look it up. It looks amazing.

Have a good weekend!


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